Google has added a new feature to Files by Google for people that like to keep their private files that extra bit private.

Android phone and tablet users will already be familiar with the ‘Files by Google’ (formerly ‘Files Go’) app, first introduced in 2017 – it now acts as the default file manager for the majority of Android handsets.

As part of its latest update, the company has added a new PIN protected section to hide anything that you don’t want anyone else to see, which has some fairly obvious uses, given the topics we end to talk about on SEXTECHGUIDE.

‘Safe Folder’ lets you store anything – including photos and videos – behind a combination lock. Content stored in there will also disappear from all other file explorers, so there’s no workaround there.

The new feature is part of Google’s “Next Billion” project, which aims to bring smart tech to the developing world. In many cases, couples and families may share a phone between them, in which case, knowing that some of your most personal stuff is locked down is going to be reassuring.

Google is particularly keen to emphasize its value to women in more patriarchal societies, allowing them some independence and privacy.

But of course, its uses are far wider and offers a portal for your favourite adult content, while assuring you that it’s not going to get discovered by someone who has borrowed your phone, or if the kids are demanding to play Hey Duggee for the millionth time.

The new feature is currently in beta, but will roll out to users over the coming weeks. Just make sure you keep your ‘Files by Google’ app updated and it should appear soon…ish.

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