The Dancers’ Resource, an app that offers help and support for strippers, dancers and other performers is celebrating its success with the introduction of a premium tier.

The Dancers’ Resource (TDR) offers an anonymous platform for workers to review their clubs – pointing out where the good bosses, safe environments and heaviest tippers are.

Crissa Parker founded the app after being told by a previous employer that if she didn’t like the rules, she should go elsewhere. She went elsewhere.

Parker designed the app to increase levels of accountability in club owners, rating them on their ethics, treatment of performers and the environment encouraged in the club.

The premium tier, which costs $4.99 per month gives users access to more resources including polls, an earnings tracker tool, and a private area called ‘The Dressing Room’ for dancers to discuss anything they want, from costumes and make-up, to world politics and what’s on tv.

Free users will continue to get full access to reviews of clubs and be able to post their own, making it easier to ensure you’re not stuck in a sleazy or just downright unsafe environment.

Bad clubs will be listed in a separate section called ‘The Club Creep’ where performers can post explicit warnings about venues, staff and patrons, without fear of reprisals.

The current pandemic, which has hit the adult industry hard, has made The Dancers’ Resource a huge hit, allowing dancers to avoid venues who are clearly not going to stick to good practice surrounding social distancing and hygiene.

At present it covers venues in USA and Canada, but with the uptick in users, perhaps a further expansion isn’t too far away.

The Dancers’ Resource is available on Google Play and Apple Store, with in-app purchases available for the premium tier. Some sections are also available via the TDR website.

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