Le Wand releases first internal vibrator range with three high-end devices


Le Wand, the US sextech company known for its high-end wand clitoral massagers, has released its first range of internal vibrators.

The range comprises three new models: the XO and Gee, which both retail at the price of $159.99, and the Blend, which retails at $174.99.

The three vibrators have relatively ‘classic’ designs, with the Gee and XO having one main insertable section and the Blend having two insertable appendages, designed for simultaneous vaginal and anal use.

The three devices feature six different vibration intensities and 15 different vibration patterns. Le Wand claims they are “whisper quiet” and “shower friendly”, and can be used for up to two hours between charges (we will, as ever, need to review the devices to verify these claims).

The XO’s design is based on the classic ‘rabbit’ simultaneous vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation style. It is 190mm long at its longest section and weighs 242g.

le wand xo white

The Gee has a basic and slightly curved – but sleek – single-entry dildo design. It is 166mm long and weighs 205g.

le wand gee

The double-pointed Blend is 202mm long at its longest section, and weighs 255g.

le wand blend

While the range doesn’t offer anything revolutionary with regard to design, the success of Le Wand’s premium clitoral massagers should ensure that the company’s first internal vibrator range gains decent traction.

Classic design and high-quality never go out of fashion, and all that.

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