Judging from the amount of noise in our Twitter stream over the last two weeks, a number of users and models have fallen foul of extended Chaturbate downtime recently, so we got in touch with the company to find out what was going on.


The good news is that the worst should now be behind you.

In short, a spokesperson told us that the frequent outages were related to a few different factors, one of which was the simultaneous testing and deployment of a new mobile platform at a time when the site was growing faster than ever.

“The recent downtime we have experienced has been caused by several factors primarily related to unprecedented week-over-week growth in the site’s traffic.  In order to be able accommodate our ever growing worldwide capacity demands, and to also integrate mobile browsing and streaming improvements, we have been simultaneously testing and implementing infrastructure changes.  Although our goal was to implement these upgrades and improvements without interruption to our site, and we were generally successful, we did experience some limited intermittent downtime over the last several weeks with a longer down time this past Friday,” the company said.

And the real silver lining – particular for chat hosts that use the platform – is that Chaturbate is going to create a status page in the near future so that when there are problems, it’ll be easier to see when they’re resolved.

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