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1 pen porn ai generator

Porn Pen is a site that generates super-realistic AI porn (sometimes)

Porn Pen is a new site that uses AI to generate fantasy porn performers based on the factors you select, prompting questions about the use of AI in porn.
2 dall e 2

‘Robot licking human’: DALL-E 2 can create intimate images, but don’t expect AI porn

DALL-E 2, a successor to OpenAI'S DALL-E artificially intelligent image creator, is a ridiculously easy way to create AI images, but not AI porn.
4 deepfake

Nudifier ‘x-ray app’ adds male deepfake option that costs 10x more than female images

Nudifier App has released a feature that allows users to create male 'deepnude' images, but it costs a whole lot more than the female version.
5 LovenseLife

Lovense Life is a forum where you can give strangers control of your smart sex toys

Lovense has just launched an online forum for users of its connected sex toys can discuss and play with each other.
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‘Google treats us like porn’: Lelo joins chorus of complaints against Big Tech’s treatment of sextech
Lelo is the latest sextech brand to slam Google and social media platforms, such as TikTok, for blocking sex-related content and limiting promotion of their business. Valentina Holjevac, Lelo’s ...
Unbound releases Clutch, a vibrator that both thrusts and rumbles
Sextech company Unbound has released a new dual vibrator that can simultaneously vibrate and thrust via two separate motors, and that features a ‘gas pump’-style handle not often seen in vibrator ...
Screaming O’s new ‘discreet’ vibrating egg with 40-meter remote range costs under $100
The Screaming O Premium Remote Egg also allows one remote control to operate multiple eggs at once.
Blossomlover introduces ‘world first’ robotic modular vibrator, plus the cheesiest sextech video you are likely to see today
A sextech device claimed by its makers to be the world’s first "robotic module vibrator", designed to be linked to video and game streams and use artificial intelligence (AI), is set to be released. ...
Lovehoney slams Google SafeSearch for ‘preventing sexual happiness’
Make love to the beat with the Juno music-activated panty vibrator. Designed to slip into your pants, this cute little vibe tantalizes your clitoris by buzzing along to your favorite tunes. Choose something with plenty of base and get ready to party. Harn
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  • Used sex toys on sale in the pre-owned section of Squeaky Clean Toys

    Would you buy second-hand sex toy?

    Jamie F
    February 3, 2023
  • campus accountability map

    Campus Accountability Map lets you search college sexual assault stats, and promotes support

    Jamie F
    February 1, 2023
  • Lovebotz Saddle Pro Sex Machine

    XR launches rideable Lovebotz sex machine for people weighing up to 485lbs

    Jamie F
    January 30, 2023

    'Janine' from British TV soap Eastenders has hooked-up with Ann Summers to launch a vulva toy focused on external vibrations

    Jamie F
    January 28, 2023
  • instragram free nipples

    Instagram to free (some) nipples, as board calls nudity policy 'discriminatory'

    Jamie F
    January 23, 2023
  • Apple mixed reality headset

    Apple reportedly ramping up for mixed reality announcement, set for Q3 2023 release

    Jamie F
    January 16, 2023
  • UK Online Safety Bill

    UK MPs want social media bosses to face prison if platforms fail to verify users' ages

    Jamie F
    January 13, 2023
  • Sharp VR headset CES2023

    Super-lightweight Sharp VR headset prototype among slew of CES VR reveals

    Jamie F
    January 11, 2023
  • lalalena cere clit shape vibrator

    The Lalalena is a vibrator shaped exactly like the clitoris

    Jamie F
    January 10, 2023
  • HTC VIVE XR Elite

    HTC Vive XR Elite headset is a lightweight $1,099 Meta Quest 2 rival with detachable battery

    Jamie F
    January 6, 2023
  • age verification louisiana

    'There will be consequences': Controversial Louisiana age verification law kicks in

    Jamie F
    January 4, 2023
  • miami museum of sex

    Sexy robots and historical sextech to feature in second Museum of Sex venue

    Jamie F
    December 28, 2022