Realic Inc., the company that’s been touting its Hybri virtual companion for the past year or so, has canceled its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, after failing to meet its funding goal expectations.

While the campaign hadn’t run its full course, and had attracted over $40,000 from nearly 400 backers, it was on track to miss its $250,000 by a significant margin. As a result, on December 26, Realic Inc. chose to cancel the fundraising project, while promising to “try again” at a later date.

Hybri Crowdfunding cancelled

In an email sent out to people that interacted with the crowdfunding campaign, the company says that it will now seek external investment, and perhaps, will return to Kickstarter in the future. Due to the way that Kickstarter works, no-one that pledged to back the project was charged, as Hybri didn’t reach its basic funding goal.

However, given the amount of work that has already gone into the platform, it’s unlikely that this will be the end of the road for Hybri; Realic Inc., however, will now need to secure external funding to get the project over the line.

While it’s likely a disappointment to anyone that was looking forward to getting to play with Hybri in the immediate future, the pace of the project has always been somewhat on the slow side – before the Kickstarter campaign was cancelled, the top-end tiers weren’ts scheduled for delivery until December 2021.

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