We’ve talked quite a lot about Hybri’s mixed/augmented/virtual reality AI companion app in the last year, largely because it’s not every day that you get a new product from a new company that shows such promise from the outset. Now, delivering on that promise is getting one step closer, as the company’s Kickstarter campaign is finally live from today.

Over the course of the last year, there have been some minor delays – the campaign was initially scheduled for May 2020, but the Coronavirus pandemic can account for some of that slip. Nonetheless, it wasn’t time wasted. Since April this year, the Florida-based company Realic has been polishing the functionality, adding new sexual poses, a ‘time-travel‘ mode, and err, a weather forecast. There’s work still to do on the upcoming Anime mode.

While the best of the experience is aimed at people using virtual reality, augmented reality or mixed reality headsets to interact with their Hybri companion, none of those are a necessity, as it also works on phones too. In fact, it’s the phone version that is ready first for download.

What could take a little more time to master is the human-AI interaction side of things. Great graphical advances are a given in 2020, but it’s the interaction that’ll make or break the immersive qualities of Hybri. Of course, until we test for ourselves, we can’t know the answer to this question – but it is one we’ll be answering in the future.

Pricing for Hybri is currently $49 for access to the Hybri AI companion, ranging up to $199 for a headset pre-loaded with the Hybri beta app. Delivery for all tiers is set currently for December 2020.

The app comes with six models to start (three women and three men) that have been developed using motion capture technology. These models can be customized with their own personal details, such as body shape and size, hairstyle and color, clothing, and voice. Interacting with your Hybri can be achieved via voice commands or gesture controls.

The point of a virtual companion, however, doesn’t end at how they look, so each also ‘develops’ their own personality over time.

“Depending on your model’s configuration, they will miss you or argue with you. You can chat with them all day or even give them orders; the choice is yours,” Realic says.

Recently, Realic also added the ability for users to customize their companion’s face using an uploaded photo of a real person, which is then transformed from a 2D image into a 3D avatar. This, like any service that involves adult imagery, could turn out to be a slightly problematic feature of the app, as it raises issues of consent over the images that users will upload for their companion. Hybri told SEXTECHGUIDE that it will publish the full terms and conditions before any Kickstarter rewards ship out, and that this feature will be “completely safe”.

Hybri Kickstarter Campaign

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