Kiiroo launches Onyx+ third-gen interactive masturbator

Kiiroo Onyx+ Interactive Masturbator

Kiiroo has launched the Onyx+, the third in its line of interactive Onyx male masturbators, dropping the numerical naming scheme for a simple ‘plus’ symbol in 2020.

While it clearly takes its main design cues from the previous generations of Onyx devices, there are a few changes for the Onyx+ release that could improve the performance. For example, while it still uses the same sliding ring-based system (there are 10 of them), there’s a whole new – and quieter – motor, which maxes out at 140 strokes-per-minutes (the same as the Onyx2).

Kiiroo Onyx+

Anyone familar with the earlier models will notice the touch sensitive controls on the side of the device remain the same, and it uses the same Fleshlight SuperSkin sleeve found in Onyx/Onyx2 as well.

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Officially, it measures up at 8.9cm x 7.9cm x 26.3cm and still weighs in at around 1kg for the Onyx+ itself. The packaged weight is 1.3KG. In terms of battery life, four hours plugged in will get you one hour of use, Kiiroo says.

And as with the rest of Kiiroo’s toys, the Onyx+ will work with interactively synced content, whether that’s games, 2D adult scenes or VR porn.

It’s set to go on sale in the next two weeks, though Kiiroo hasn’t said exactly how much it will cost yet, we’d expect it to be around the current price of a non-discounted Onyx2.

We’ve got a unit here, and will follow with a short unboxing video and full review in due time.

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