Last month Kiiroo launched a successor to its Onyx masturbator, claiming that the new version is quieter, faster and longer-lasting than the original. And now, our full Kiiroo Onyx 2 review is ready…well, almost. But in the meantime, here are some of our first impressions of the device, with a more full review and additions to follow.

At $219 (correct at time of review), it’s definitely not the cheapest experience going (but that in turn as reduced the price of the original Onyx to $69) and works out only a little cheaper than the current best connected male masturbator available – the Fleshlight Launch. But is it any good?

Kiiroo Onyx 2 review: Design

The Onyx 2, when placed side-by-side with the Fleshlight Launch, is positively tiny. It’s not, of course, but it’s a whole lot more discreet and a whole lot lighter.

Part of that difference in bulk and weight is that the Onyx 2 doesn’t need to accommodate a full Fleshlight insight it – instead, there’s a small textured sleeve that you place inside the unit (a ‘Fleshlight SuperSkin Sleeve’, to use its proper name).

That key difference in design has a bunch of knock-on implications too. There’s no physical movement of the unit’s interior – instead of automatically pumping a Fleshlight up and down, there are 10 rows of contracting rings that work in tandem with each other to simulate motion.

Kiiroo Onyx2 review
You can’t see it, but the ruler measures it up at 26cm long.

The lack of need to physically move a Fleshlight with the device means that the battery and motor can be a lot smaller too, while providing a comparable number of thrusts per minute (if that’s a measure you care about) and similar operating time between charges.

Overall, it’s a far more minimalist proposition, and if discretion is your primary factor, the Onyx 2 is the clear choice between the two.

On the front of the device is the power button, and above that there’s a touch-sensitive strip that controls the speed of the motors when you’re using it in manual mode, rather than interactive. On the back, there’s the micro-USB charging port and rubber cap sitting over it.

Not that it’s really a problem on the Fleshlight Launch, but its rubber-bottomed design means that it doesn’t really stand up, so it is nice that the Onyx 2 can at least support its own weight and stand up. When it’s not in use, there’s a cap that sits on the top of the Onyx.

Kiiroo Onyx 2 review
Touch sensitive speed control (in manual mode) and power button.

Kiiroo Onyx 2 review: Setting Up

Much like any other sex toy with a battery in it, the Onyx 2 requires charging before you use it (ours arrived with some charge, but not full) – so when you unbox it, just plug it straight in and forget about it for a while.

Removing the cap from the Onyx 2 reveals the top section of the device – you need to gently pry the outer plastic rim off here in order to place the slimline Fleshlight SuperSkin sleeve inside. Once you have, you can then gently ease that plastic section back on top to hold the sleeve in place while you’re using the Onyx.

The interior texture of the SuperSkin sleeve, turned inside out, obviously.

What happens next is up to you – you can either just switch it on and use it in manual mode, controlling the speed via the touch-sensitive strip on the front, or you can seek out some interactive porn and sync up with that. Whichever option you go for, don’t forget to use plenty of lube in the Onyx 2 first.

If you’re going the interactive route, you’ll need to install the FeelMe app from the Android or iPhone app stores. Once you’ve got it, pair your device with the app by following the instructions and then navigate your way to a site that offers interactive porn. You’ll need to pair the app with each site or service that you use too, but that’s as simple as scanning a QR code on the videos.

Kiiroo Onyx 2 review: The Experience

The Onyx 2 is a bit of a mixed bag overall. On one hand, I love that it’s smaller and lighter than the Fleshlight Launch, but on the other hand, it just can’t offer the same level of experience, and when you’re talking about a teledildonic device, experience counts for a lot.

If there was no comparison being made, it’d be a novel and enjoyable experience, but the combination of the SuperSkin sleeve and contracting rings just can’t quite match the feeling of a full Fleshlight insert and actual motion of the Launch.

However, it’s worth pointing out that neither device has yet been tested for its remote teledildonic abilities and how it interacts with partner devices like the Pearl/Pearl 2. It could well be that the simple size difference between the devices makes the slightly inferior experience more acceptable. It’s certainly the more sensible choice for anyone concerned about the size and weight of their connected male masturbator.

It’s also worth saying that the Onyx 2 is a little quieter than the already quiet Launch, so again, there could well be some good reasons that you might end up choosing the Onyx 2. Kiiroo says that it’s also quieter (and more powerful) than the original Onyx, but that’s not a device we reviewed first time around, so it’s not our comparison to make.

Battery life is comparable to the Launch too, at around an hour of use and a few hours of trickle charging off a microUSB cable.

Kiiroo Onyx 2 review: Overall

On the surface of it, the Onyx 2 might sound like it’s not coming off so well in this first impressions writeup, but that’s largely down to what it’s being compared to – easily the best connected sex toy for men.

As mentioned above, there are good reasons to choose the Onyx 2 over the Launch, like being much lighter, quieter and generally more convenient to own, clean and use. For the actual experience, the Fleshlight Launch still hasn’t been topped though.

So, is it any fun?

Yes, particularly when used with interactive content (and presumably other teledildonic devices – we’ll update this section once we’ve tested) rather than the manual mode. But it’s not as fun as the Launch, which costs a similar amount of money. Interactive VR porn is definitely worth checking out if you own either device.

Kiiroo Onyx 2 Review: Rating

Kiiroo Onyx 2


If you like the idea of the Launch but just can’t deal with the overall size and weight of the unit, the Onyx 2 could be the alternative you’re looking for – the overall feeling didn’t blow us away though.  If you don’t care about the unit size, go for the Fleshlight Launch, and if that’s too expensive, go for the cheaper Kiiroo Titan and sync it to interactive porn. If you want something that feels more premium than the Titan, that’s about where the Onyx2 comes in. 

  • Design
  • Ease of Use
  • Experience
  • Innovation
  • Value
User Review
2.89 (18 votes)


  • Relatively quiet
  • Great design
  • Light in comparison to alternatives


  • Experience isn’t as good as Launch for solo use
  • Not cheap
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  1. It is an absolute piece of garbage. I had so high expectations and stupid me for not researching more.

    You will absolutely feel nothing, the device feels like small squeeze on the side and that’s it. The app has the lowest rating the Apple Store, the integration is terrible, it is not in sync at all.

  2. I bought several items from Kiiroo at one time and it’s been a huge disappointment. The list of items was printed on the shipping label for all to see so not very discreet at all. The software for linking to online content or to a partner is terrible. It’s got a 1 star rating in the App Store and there’s a good reason for that, it doesn’t work. It’s advertised as simple but it’s not and based on my experience and online reviews it’s absolutely terrible. The items themselves work ok but definitely not worth the money your spending. Your paying for extra features that just don’t work. You will notice any sites like this one that rate Kiiroos products just quote the advertising concerning the connection, the don’t actually talk about and rate that part of it.

    1. Hi Thor,
      What was the connection problem? The reason there aren’t any noted in this review is because we didn’t suffer any when testing! We did, however, sometimes need to re-pair the FeelConnect App with the site that we were using at the time to get it to re-sync with the on-screen action. Does it provide any sort of error code or anything? What phone are you pairing with?

      1. In terms of delivery – should always be more discreet than that! You should let the retailer you bought it from know!

        1. Ben,
          I ordered it right off the Kiiroo website and when I contacted them about it they said that when it crosses a border the contents have to be listed, their words.
          Of course this is mentioned anywhere at anytime until after the fact. Also the box has Kiiroo right on it and they only sell sex toys so overall not discreet as advertised.

      2. Ben,
        The connection problem was that it wouldn’t connect at all to any website with different devices. I’ve been in contact with customer support for about two months with no resolution and a bunch of ridiculous responses. Like I said check the reviews on the app, there isn’t one single positive review.

  3. I’m a disabled vet with limited use of my hands and limbs, so I have been trying out masterbaters since I am unable to get the job done anymore without help. I thought the onyx 2 would be great, (based on your review and another similar review) and it was a colossal waste of time and money. I was able to sink it with the app once, but never with content. The qr codes never worked either. Ok, so I try the manual mode, but the sleave is misshaped and won’t stay clipped in the outer ring. It is also very noisy and awkward to hold in place. I would try to return it, but have noy heard back from them. I have a $70 onahole from Japan that feels/works much better at less than half the price.

    1. Hi Rab, thanks for the comment! This review is getting a little old now, and could do with an update – particularly as cheaper devices like the Titan and Jett have launched too. We’ve also got a range of different suggestions for people with disabilities in this article here too.

      1. Ben,
        The unit itself might be outdated and there might be new and improved models but the app which is a big part of what your buying doesn’t work so why pay extra for any of their products?

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