Squirting in VR? An interview with sex educator Kenneth Play

Kenneth Play

In an industry gushing with self-proclaimed sex (and sextech) educators, Hong Kong-born Kenneth Play has the chops to back up such titles.

After moving to New York in 1999, Play became a fitness trainer before moving into sex education – but not the type taught in schools to prevent schoolchildren getting pregnant or STIs.

Play dived into sex-positive communities such as Brooklyn’s Hacienda Villa, which he co-founded, then went viral in the porn world with a 2015 female ejaculation instruction video that he uploaded to Pornhub.

He began releasing online ‘sex hacking’ courses in 2019. Play says that so far around 10,000 people have enjoyed his paid-for video courses, which are released in a similar way to the Masterclass expert tuition video series.

Kenneth Play lecture
Kenneth Play distributing his knowledge

Recently Play’s focus returned to female ejaculation, or squirting. His Squirting Research Project, made in conjunction with fellow New York sex educator Dr Zhana, is set to roll into squirting education sessions and an art exhibition in the near future. SEXTECHGUIDE caught up with Play for the latest on his endeavours.

SEXTECHGUIDE: How did you end up being a sex educator?

Kenneth Play: “I’m probably the world’s most unlikely sex educator. I was super-shy and sexually insecure most of my life, and I found myself wanting more than I was experiencing. So I decided to kind of hack my sex life, like I did with fitness. I found this [sex party] community that I belong to, and ended up nerding out so much on sex that I became confident and good at it.”

How did being good at sex become a career?

“A party organizer asked me to teach a class. I was like, “Oh, no, this is gonna be a ‘thing’.” The topic I taught at the first class was squirting.”

Please do set the scene…

“It was eight or nine years ago, a hotel [sex] play party. 16 couples, me teaching couples how to do it. At first everybody was a bit awkward. They didn’t know what to expect from a ‘phys ed’ experience and skill share. I explained the science and what I learned about technique. After that I did a demo on my co-teacher and broke it down, like a personal trainer would do. And then I had everybody follow with their partner, like a drill.”

How did this squirting drill unfurl?

“It was like a VFitness class: start off slow, get everybody into the right state. ‘Ladies, this is how those muscles works.’ Once I lined everything up, everybody squirted in that same moment. It turned into a Vegas-level water Bellagio show. It blew my mind, because it was a very interesting teaching experience that I didn’t expect to work so well.”

Sounds like a special moment.

“It profoundly changed my perspective on what was available at that time, and where sex education needs to be. It should be about explicit learning. That’s what I realised at that moment… and that it should be experiential learning.”

How did things progress to your online classes?

“I wanted to create the same experience, [available] to all people digitally. And that [squirting] became the topic that I taught a lot. I shared a [NSFW] video on Pornhub on how I taught this, in 2015. That video became so popular, it changed the course of my career.”

Kenneth Play in his 2015 Pornhub squirting guide video
Kenneth Play in his 2015 Pornhub squirting guide video, blurred by us, obviously.

So, squirting ended up on your online course?

“It was on the main course, and I cover anal to fingering to full play. I really broke it down, how a fitness person would do. I took the best of the fitness industry in terms of education, and then applied it to sex-ed.”

What is the secret to squirting?

“It depends on your definition of squirting. If you want a porn version of, like, splashing everywhere, there is a reflex; the involuntary version of it, which I don’t like. I like the voluntary [version], meaning both partners, the vulva owner and the person who’s doing the stimulation, working together.”

How exactly does that work?

“It’s really about giving enough sensation to the peripheral nerves near the G-spot area. Also, the person receiving learns how to relax the pelvic floor, or is bearing down slightly — doing that triggers it. I think that’s the best combo, and it’s about creating the right sensation, the right pressure. Those nerves are pressure nerves, they’re not tactile nerves.”

What’s your long-term squirting plan?

“One of my goals is to shoot squirting content in VR. The difference between VR [and standard video] is that when you watch something in VR, you feel like you’re experiencing something live, versus just observing, like you’re watching a movie or book. I’m trying to figure out if there is a POV position that I could use, to share what it’s like to be in front of it.”

So VR is the future of porn, not a fad?

“Live VR is possible with streaming, in the future. I believe that when teaching like that, like a Peloton class, sex ed is most useful.”

And finally: any other developments in the works?

“I want to try everything, because the educator in me wants to use the technology. I want to build a rotating platform bed, so instead of moving the camera, which is disorienting, I just rotate the bed, so it’s less awkward for the viewers.”

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