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New ‘x-ray vision’ apps launch following removal of original DeepNude

The original 'DeepNude' app caused some justified concern online, and while that was taken offline quickly, new ones are quickly popping up in its place.
2 DIY Sex Tech Series

DIY sex tech: The people experimenting with homemade BDSM and kink devices

Hacking sex toys isn't a common hobby. Creating your own homemade BDSM sex tech is an even rarer one, but getting started is surprisingly straightforward.
3 Virtual orgy

What’s an online sex party really like? We attended 3 to find out

With people's movements heavily restricted around the world, online sex parties are growing in popularity, so we attended three to let you know what it's like.
4 VR Porn for Women

VR porn for women always had potential, so what’s holding it back?

As the years continue to pass, the advance of virtual reality porn for women or under-represented groups hugely lags that made for the white male gaze. Why?
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Going off script: SyncMo’s trying to change the way interactive sex toys work
5 months ago

SyncMo - 7 Day Trial

$5.00 $7.00
While interactive sex toys present a far wider range of possible features than their less smart counterparts, the majority on the market today face one specific challenge: ensuring there's enough ...
‘Disabled people in porn are important’: Meet disability activist Andrew Gurza
Andrew Gurza’s path towards activism solidified about seven years ago, when he had a vibrating penis sleeve device on his genitals and found that he couldn’t remove it. Gurza, who uses the ...
Are ‘smart’ kegel apps devices better than using standard Ben Wa balls?
Give your flower a bloomin' good gift with these vibrating Kegel balls from We-Vibe. Super soft silicone and progressive weights makes strengthening your PC muscles a delight and can help to deliver more intense and satisfying orgasms. Thanks, We-Vibe! To
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    Going off script: SyncMo's trying to change the way interactive sex toys work

    September 14, 2022
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    'I can't say clitoris or orgasm without being flagged': Meet Anna Lee, Lioness co-founder, sextech engineer and TikTok queen

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    The rise of the suction sex toy: Where they came from, and how to use them

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    ‘Our sex toys have pronouns’: meet the Pokémon-inspired sextech boss

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