Sex toy manufacturer Hot Octopuss has launched the latest in its popular Atom cock ring range: the remote-operated Atom Plus Lux.

The Atom Plus Lux is the company’s first remote-operated vibrating cock ring with dual integrated motors. It follows the 2018 release of the Atom and Atom Plus cock rings — which has dual motors but no remote — and is selling for $129.95 on the Hot Octopuss site.

The London-based company said that it introduced the remote-control function following high demand from users of the original Atom cock rings. The Atom Plus Lux cock ring is 100 percent waterproof, although its accompanying remote control device is not waterproof.

The new ring has five vibration settings. Like the earlier Atom incarnations, the Lux model delivers vibration to the perineum as well as the top of the penis shaft. It’s designed to be used solo or with a partner.

The remote-controlled Atom Plus Lux

The cock ring weighs 98g and is made from silicone and recharges in two hours via a USB adaptor. It is 120mm long and can run for 40 minutes between charges.

A recently-emerged trend in the vibrating sex toy field is for devices to be compatible with phone apps, for remote control of their settings – a trend the Lux is not part of. In 2018, Adam Lewis, founder and CEO of Hot Octopuss, told SEXTECHGUIDE that he was not convinced there was as much customer demand for sex toy app compatibility as some manufacturers suggested.

He said: “I keep wondering – is this something that consumers are asking for, or is it something that the manufacturers create to offer something different. Our products are all about the sexual pleasure you get from them – and that does not require an app.”

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