Adult search portal BoodiGo passes 1m user milestone

BoodiGo is an adult-oriented search engine that focuses on privacy.

It might be the privacy practices of Google, or perhaps you just find that looking for adult material sends you into a rabbit hole of irrelevant results. In either case, if you’re looking for adult industry news or porn results, BoodiGo might be a better option for you.

Launched way back in the recesses of 2014, it’s fair to say that BoodiGo has been a slow burner if you go by pure numbers, but the platform announced today that it’s now getting more than one million unique visitors each month.

“I think some of this has to do with policy changes coming down from the Trump Administration, including the rolling back of privacy protections which had been proposed and adopted during the Obama years, as well as the ongoing discussion of dropping the FCC’s current net neutrality rules,” BoodiGo co- founder Colin Rowntree said in a statement.

BoodiGo doesn’t collect any personal information from users, including IP addresses, operating systems and platforms, browsers or email address. You also get the option of encrypting your search and the portal only lists results from sites that are secured across a secure (SSL) connection.

“When you use our search engine, we do not know who you are or record what you searched for. You are as anonymous as we can reasonably make you,” the company’s privacy policy states.

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The privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo has seen a similarly steady growth in users and queries over the past year – rising from 11.1 million queries per day in June 2016 to 15.4 million per day on average last month. Clearly, with web regulations and privacy protections being rolled back in both the US and the UK, even the average web user is beginning to realise that taking steps to protect personal data is necessary.

For BoodiGo, the benefit of focusing on adult content exclusively is that it becomes a natural home for display advertising from companies that wouldn’t ever be allowed to list on Google’s ad serving platform due to the company’s adult content policies. For users, the good news is that there simply isn’t very much of that advertising on there at the moment.

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