Vibio is the first sex tech company to receive ‘officially vegan’ sex toy trademark

vibio vegan sex toys

Any lingering doubts about veganism taking over the world have been quashed by the news that The Vegan Society has awarded its Vegan Trademark to a range of sex toys for the first time.

Four app-controlled sex toys made by Vibio, the company founded in 2018 to make vibrators and other sextech products accessible to vegans, have been awarded the Vegan Trademark. Since 1990 the trademark has been given to over 58,000 products. Often awarded to food items, it is an indicator that animal-derived substances are not involved in a product, and that animals have not been harmed in its development.

Vibio’s four sex toys – the Frida, Clara, Dodson and Rivera – are made from silicone. While it might not seem like an electronic sex toy needs to be certified as vegan for a customer to know that animals have not been harmed in its creation, a Vegan Society spokesperson said that many sex toys do in fact involve animal products or testing.

vibio range
Some of Vibio’s sex toy range

Ericka Durgahee, marketing manager at The Vegan Society, said: “Many people don’t realise that a lot of lubricants, toys and even condoms can contain animal derivatives, such as certain enzymes, animal skin and beeswax, or may have been tested on animals.”

The Vegan Society added that by awarding the Vegan Trademark to sex toys, it was taking “new steps” into registering electronic products as vegan. Vibio’s range of lubricants has also been given the Vegan Trademark.

While Vibio is the first company to be rubber stamped by The Vegan Society, other sex toys have been marketed as vegan. In 2021 the health food chain Holland & Barrett launched a range of silicone vegetable-shaped vibrators called VeganToys. Vegan Food and Living reported that the aubergine sex toy proved particularly popular.

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