Vegandr dating brings ways to meet without meat

Vegandr Dating

The rise in veganism over the past few years has inevitably led to a demand for a way to bring like-minded plant-munchers together, so that, yes, there’s finally(!) a dating app based exclusively around the foods you like to eat.

Vegandr offers a social network and dating platform for like-minded vegans (as well as pescatarians, fruitarians and other dietary-minded people) to swap hints, tips, recipes and news.

But where does the dating aspect come in?

Basically it works on the ‘swipe right, two likes make a match’ principle, beloved by apps like Bumbl and Tinder.

Anyone who is currently looking for a partner can indicate that their profile, allowing them to see vegans in their area, and advertize their availability to other users on the hunt for their Carrot Casanova or Mungbean Madonna.

Matches are based not only on personality but on dietary requirements – anything from “meat reducer” or “fish only” right through to hardcore vegan or fruitarian.

Moreover, people become vegan for different reasons, and it may be that someone with strong animal rights views may not be ideal for someone who is just trying to buff up for a marathon.

If both users match and ‘like’ each other’s profiles, the option for messaging opens up and the flirting can begin.

Once you’ve found that special someone, you can also use Vegandr to search for a restaurant, one that fits both your dietary profiles, and head out on a first date.

Although designed for vegans, all posts can be shared outside Vegandr, so your thoughts on your lifestyle don’t get stuck in a meat-free echo chamber.

Vegandr is out now on the Apple App Store, with an Android version coming soon to Google Play. Subscriptions start at $21.99 per month, with reductions for 3 months ($41.99) and 6 months ($71.99) sign-ups.

Vegan condoms (which are absolutely a thing) not supplied.

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