You already know that porn is big business, but it’s now official: Pornhub and xVideos get more daily visitors than tech giants like eBay, MSN or even Netflix, according to SimilarWeb’s figures.

Overall, the metrics company pits the porn giant as the 23rd most visited website in the world – a leap from 38th spot brought about by the new inclusion of mobile traffic in the measurements. Frankly, it’s a little surprising that the impact of mobile is now being reflected across the platform – the increase in mobile browsing and app usage is by no means a new phenomenon.


In total, Pornhub sees around 1.1 billion visits each month, or around 60 million a day. More than half (54 percent) were on a mobile device, and the average visit was eight and a half minutes, but while it’s perhaps the best known, it’s not the biggest; that’s xVideos with 1.5 billion worldwide visits each month, making it the 18th most visited website in the world. 60 percent of those visits are from a mobile, and it’s such a popular site that it even got more pageviews and visits than some regional Google home pages. 

We always knew you loved porn, but we didn’t realize just quite how much you loved it. Just don’t start getting your junk out on the subway, OK, mobile browsers.