VirtualRealTrans review: Teledildonic support and solid catalog makes it a leader in trans VR


VirtualRealTrans has been in the VR porn market longer than any of its direct competition and this really shows with a wider selection of scenes than other sites with a similar focus.

It’s also notable because it offers teledildonic support, and is once again making regular updates — even if not that many scenes per month.

So, is VirtualRealTrans worth your cash?

VirtualRealTrans: Quick Rating

Feature Overview

  • Update Frequency: 2 per month
  • Scenes: 160+
  • Max Resolution: 5K
  • Angle(s): 180
  • Performers: 77
  • Avg. File Size:
  • Teledildonic Scenes: Yes
  • Includes Non-VR: No
  • Language(s): English
  • Launch Date:

Pricing & Deals

  • Per Month: $14.99
  • 3 Months: $26.97
  • 6 Months: $
  • 12 Months: $57.4
  • Lifetime: $249.00
  • Current Offers:
VirtualRealTrans Review $5+


VirtualRealTrans has probably been in the VR porn market longer than any of its direct competition and this really shows with a wider selection of scenes than other sites with a similar focus. The site is also notable because it offers teledildonic support.

  • Ease of Use
  • Catalog Size
  • VR Quality
  • Extras
  • Value


  • Large Catalogue of Scenes for Niche
  • Teldildonic Support
  • Some Ethnic Diversity
  • Some Trans/CIS Pairings


  • Transphobic Language
  • Hit and Miss Streaming Quality
  • No Individual Purchases Available
User Review
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VirtualRealTrans: Design and Content

There’s no real shying away from it, this is a pretty good site. First and foremost it has an impressive back catalogue with a wide variety of performers. Moreover, it’s the first trans VR porn site I’ve encountered with teledildonic support. Admittedly only a fraction of the scenes support it, but most of those that do are compatible with a range of devices (the FeelVR, Lovense Max, Lovense Nora, Kiiroo Onyx, and Kiiroo Pearl are all supported). To use any of those devices with the site, you’ll need download the VirtualRealPlayer app.

Streaming was mostly pretty smooth, although there were a few times it felt a little stuttery. There were also some audio-syncing issues, which are relatively minor in the scheme of things but does disrupt immersion.

I also got an error message saying no playable content was found a little more regularly than I’d have liked – this only really happened with some trailers and one time I tried to play around with the resolution settings inside a video.

Setup is relatively straightforward, videos begin in an in-browser player, with a button in the corner to switch over to going into headset mode. You have to go through a needlessly complex set of dropdown menus to select which headset and/or phone you’re using (this process is hopefully more streamlined in higher-end headsets) but this is only necessary the first time.

There’s a gaze or button operated menu system, but this sadly doesn’t include any apparent option for reorienting your view, so best to make sure you’re sitting in a comfortable position before beginning.

I was impressed by the more exploratory moves the site takes with some of its scenes. Yes there’s transphobic language throughout but this is relatively toned down compared with VRBTrans or TS Virtual Lovers. What’s more there’s various scenes that offer non-standard pairings, including cis women with trans performers and even one wherein the viewer stand-in (is there a word for this? “Avatar” is probably better than “porn dummy”) is a trans performer.

VirtualRealTrans catalog screenshot

VirtualRealTrans: Headset and Features

All the big names are supported, as are pretty much all the generic VR headsets plus anything that’s compatible with Windows Mixed Reality. VirtualRealTrans actually offers a free headset to new subscribers (presumably a smartphone VR headset), which is a nice gimmick, although given the plethora of low-cost VR headsets available it’s unlike to be a deal-maker for most users.

Although teledildonic scenes are in the minority, most videos offer binaural sound, 3D view, 5K resolution and up to 60 frames per second. Most of the videos are only 180-degree field of view rather than 360, but again for most users that’s not too much of an issue. As with some other sites, scenes also come with a little icon giving a recommended viewing position (sitting, lying down or recumbent), which is handier than it sounds.

VirtualRealTrans: Pricing and Costs

As is common practice, subscriptions work on a sliding scale with the lowest price being $5 per month (equivalent) for an annual subscription. Unlike other trans sites there’s no option to buy individual scenes, so it’s an all or nothing decision.

Like the other VirtualRealPorn-owned sites, there’s the option of either a streaming-only subscription (if you have limited bandwidth or storage space) or a plan that includes both downloads and streaming. Obviously, with the download option you get to keep the content after you cancel your subscription too.

Unlimited Streaming and Downloads

  • 1 month for $14.99
  • 3 months for $26.97
  • 12 months for $57.40
  • Lifetime for $249.00

VirtualRealTrans: Overview

VirtualRealTrans is a solid performer in terms of general viewing experience, but its relatively extensive niche catalogue and teledildonic support put it head and shoulders above the competition. The comparative age of the site compared to others shows through a little in its older videos, but it’s hard to find anything to actively complain about. Indeed, the content itself is uniformly of a high quality.

Not having an option for purchasing individual scenes feels a little strange, but there’s enough content here for a subscriber to feel like they’re getting their money’s worth.

View VirtualRealTrans

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