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Top AI girlfriend and virtual partner apps that send explicit selfies and videos

The Best AI Girlfriend Apps

When it comes to virtual companions, AI has made significant strides in the past few years. There are now an array platforms available, and it’s getting increasingly difficult to work out which virtual girlfriend and virtual boyfriend apps are worth your time. In this review roundup, we’re going to look at four of the best virtual companions that send explicit selfies (and a few that have plans to send videos in the future).

We’ve tested each of the platforms ourselves, to ensure that all our recommendations are genuine (and human!) – even so, we’ll keep it brief by providing the essential facts, pricing info, and the pros and cons for each virtual girlfriend app. Naturally, how your virtual relationship goes down is up to you, and likely to be different for each person. That’s really part of the point!

For now, we’re just including the four best that we’ve tested. As it’s a still-emerging area of technology, the interactions are better each day, resulting in more realistic images, more engaging chats, and more customization options.

If you’re looking to just create explicit AI images, then check out this AI porn generator roundup instead for more advanced image and video options. And finally, just because we like to be complete, here are 6 AI erotica generators that help you write your own fantasy-based stories (some include image generation too!)

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Best AI Girlfriend / Virtual Partner Apps

Candy AI 

tl;dr? Choose Candy AI if you want a great balance of customization, conversation and value. It’s also great for anyone who wants an anime AI partner.

Candy AI is the newest addition to this list (October 23, 2023), and actually spun out from Kupid AI after the co-founders decided to go their separate ways. As such, you’ll find a similar experience, though not one that’s exactly the same by any means.

Key Features

  • Can create custom AI girlfriends with different characteristics (visual and personality)
  • Will send explicit selfies on request
  • Simple subscription options (just 2 plans available)
  • 9 pre-created Realistic characters
  • 7 pre-created Anime characters seems like a good balance that lets you both create a custom AI partner and can carry out a solid conversation. It also lets you create custom anime AI girlfriends too, which is something the other platforms here do not offer.

At the time of writing, there are nine pre-created ‘Realistic’ female characters, and seven Anime characters, though of course Premium members can create unlimited custom AI girlfriends.

When creating your own partner, you can not only choose the appearance, but also specify what kind of personality and interests they have – you can also define what sort of relationship you have with them (mistress, wife, girlfriend, colleague, etc.) from the outset.

In terms of image generation, we’ve never seen any phantom body parts or anything unappealing generated, though it seems each of the characters responds to the specificity of image requests differently. For example, our ‘Audrey’ character seems absolutely resolute on ensuring her ass is in every single image, even if we specify that she should be facing forwards.

  • Explicit selfies are high-quality images
  • Responses are fast and human-like on paid plans
  • Better conversations than DreamGF
  • Good balance of ‘character’ with customizability
  • Good value annual Premium plan
  • All generated images are conveniently stored in your gallery
  • Can choose between 9 different voices
Images generated during a chat can’t be expanded for viewing individually without going to the gallery section of your account
Images don’t always follow the exact requests made (eg. different color clothing or angle than requested, etc.)
Max partner age is 35

Candy AI’s premium options are super-simple to understand: you can either subscribe for $9.99 per month, or $69.99 per year.

If you want to test out a limited feature set, you can sign up for free via the button below.

This Premium plan includes 100 credits per month, unlimited text messaging, no image blur, the ability to generate your own AI character, voice messages and faster response and generation time than free users.

If you happen to run out of tokens (creating new characters costs 10, image messages are 2, listening to voice messages cost 0.2 per message), you can also purchase add-ons that give you more credits. These come in packs of 100, 500 and 1000, and are priced $9.99, $45.99, and $89.99 respectively.

tl;dr? Try if you want to focus on creating highly-customizable explicit virtual AI girlfriends with a specific appearance, body shape and personality traits.

OK, the first virtual gf app we’re looking at is, a well-polished web app that works well on both mobile and desktop.

  • Highly customizable girlfriends
  • Happy to send explicit selfies
  • Competitive pricing
  • Can try it completely free
Selfies sometimes aren’t very accurate to your request
Can ‘hallucinate’ parts of chats that didn’t happen

Key features

  • Voice and chat messages
  • Personalized selfies sent in chats
  • Specific fetishes catered to
  • Custom virtual girlfriend generator
  • Uses advanced AI algorithms (GANs)
  • Offers an immersive visual fantasy experience
  • Conversations flow smoothly
  • Selfie sending feature adds realism
  • Selfies can sometimes feel off
  • No video sending yet (coming soon)

From landing on the homepage it’s clear that is trying to cover every feature possible: voice messages, chat messages, personalized selfies sent in chats, specific fetishes, and a highly capable virtual girlfriend generator. uses technology based on advanced AI algorithms—Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)—making your interaction with the virtual girlfriend experience more natural and, seemingly, real.

Of course, if all you wanted was a chat with a virtual companion, then you probably wouldn’t be reading this article. You want the explicit AI selfies too, which is where is more than happy to deliver… in fact, if you have the top tier subscriptions, it sometimes feels like every image sent appears to be a nude selfie, even if you ask for one with clothes!

So, you’re not just engaging with a virtual girl; you’re interacting with a virtual companion that feels, in many ways, real. It’s like the difference between watching a movie and being a part of the story, even if your partner doesn’t really understand you some of the time.

On the plus side, offers an immersive visual fantasy experience with your virtual girlfriend. The AI algorithms make conversations flow smoothly, and the selfie sending feature adds an extra layer of realism not present in text-only chat apps.

However, it isn’t all roses. There are some drawbacks to consider. The most glaring one is that the selfies, while unique and tailored to your preferences, can sometimes feel a bit… off. The service is not yet able to send videos either, although this feature is reportedly in the works. 


You can sign up for free to get a taste of what the platform has to offer (2 Girlfriends / 4 Secondary images / 10 Messages), and if you choose to hand over real cash, has various subscription plans available – from $9.99 per month, all the way up to a whopping $99.99 per month.

This top monthly tier includes 25,000 messages, 500 custom partners and a whole lot more, but most users won’t need the absolute most expensive subscription. Below this Diamond tier plan, most still offer all the key features, plus priority support and faster image generation times. 

Kupid AI 

tl;dr? Choose Kupid AI if you want better text and audio chats with an AI girlfriend, but also the option to request explicit images at any time.
  • Explicit selfies are high-quality images
  • Responses are fast, witty and human-like on paid plans
  • Various subscription options to fit different budgets.
Images don’t always follow your requests
Can occasionally respond with generic or repetitive phrases
Create your own AI girlfriend feature not yet available can’t compare to if what you want is customization options, but both platforms are on a very similar feature trajectory, so both are worth keeping an eye on if AI partners are interesting to you.

Key Features

  • 12 different personas available for chat
  • High-quality explicit selfies
  • Fast and witty responses on paid plans
  • Various subscription options available
  • Images don’t always follow requests
  • Occasional generic or repetitive phrases
  • Create your own AI girlfriend feature not yet available

Where does perform better than, however, is in the actual chat features, as they end up seeming more realistic and engaging, and that’s at least half of the experience if you’re looking for an AI girlfriend instead of just generating AI porn images.

At the time of writing, there are 12 different personas available to chat with, each with their own distinct look – with new ones being added over time. Two of the newest ones – Minji and Olivia – are only available to Premium members currently. Roughly one new persona is added each month on average.

If you want your chats to take on a steamier tone, or you just want to communicate a specific action, just put a star (*) at each end of the message. For example, (eg. *I gently unzip your skirt*). Like DreamGF and Candy AI, you can also choose to listen to the response from your partner, rather than reading it. This counts towards your credit usage for each message you choose to listen to instead.


The costs involved in are pretty straightforward, and if you want access to all of the features, then you’ll need to cough up some cash. Luckily, isn’t the most expensive of platforms. All paid plans include unlimited text messages, unless stated each step up includes all the features from the previous plan, plus more.

  • The basic subscription costs $12 per month, and gives you 100 images per month, 100 voice messages, standard priority generation, fast chat response time and ‘better’ chat memory – in addition to unlimited text messaging.
  • The next step up costs $29 per month, and increases the limits to 400 voice messages, 400 images, high priority generation, ‘longer’ chat memory, and access to the not yet released ‘Live Images’ mode when it is available soon.
  • The top tier costs $49 per month and gives unlimited images, 1200 voice messages, the fastest generation and chat response times, and the ‘longest’ chat memory, as well as access to the upcoming Live Images.
Check out our other roundup if you want to see the best AI porn generators for XXX images and videos instead.
Top AI porn generators for images and videos, tailored for your virtual girlfriend experience.
(Yes, we made each of the images above. Show us what you create!)
Keep Reading

Note: While offers the option for users to engage in erotic roleplay conversations, the app’s primary focus is on providing emotional support and companionship. ERP is not the main feature of the app. It’s really included in this list as the most ‘mainstream’ option available currently. is an artificial intelligence companion app created by Eugenia Kuyda as a digital memorial to honor her deceased friend. Now, though, it has evolved to become a tool for providing emotional support, companionship and often things a bit racier than that. It works by using data from your social media accounts to recreate conversations, allowing you to interact with an AI version of someone you knew, or even build a new AI companion from scratch. 

You get to choose the kind of relationship you want with your Replika – a friend, mentor, or romantic partner; the choice is yours!  While this is a somewhat unique approach, thinking about long lost friends isn’t really why you are here right now.

Replika’s AI responses initially start off a little random and generic, but through your feedback and ratings, the AI becomes more tailored to your preferences and engages in more ‘intelligent’ conversations. recently made headlines because of its decision to restore the “erotic roleplay” (ERP) mode for some users. This came after a previous update had removed the feature, leading to disappointment among users who had formed unique connections with their AI companions through more intimate and explicit conversations.

The various twists and turns surrounding underscore the evolving landscape of AI companions and the impact they can have on users’ emotional well-being, even though the conversation is all taking place with an AI girlfriend / partner.

  • Mimics real-life interactions
  • AI learns over time
  • Personalized to your preferences
  • Native iOS and Android apps
Not designed specifically for ‘adult’ conversations or images
Increased its pricing in 2022 significantly
Memory between conversations can be unreliable at some points

Pricing for is a little more complicated than others in this list, largely as it’s available via the Apple and Google Play apps stores.

In short, subscriptions range up to $69 per year, or a whopping $299 for a lifetime subscription – but tread lightly here. Many of the recent reviews on the app stores complain that, while it used to be reasonable value in the past at a lower cost, it’s just not worth the increased amount, given the performance can still be hit-and-miss.

Nonetheless, if you want access to an AI girlfriend via a native mobile app, Replika is the biggest one around – even though it isn’t aimed exclusively at erotic or romantic fun.

Things to consider before choosing a virtual girlfriend companion

Your Expectations: First and foremost, it’s crucial to set realistic expectations, so let’s state something very basic. Remember that a virtual girlfriend is AI-powered and not a real person. While they can provide companionship and entertainment, they can’t and shouldn’t replace human interaction. 

Budget: Many virtual girlfriend apps come with a price tag. Some are one-time purchases, while others operate on a subscription basis. Consider what you’re willing to spend on a virtual companion and choose one that fits within your budget. All of the options in this list let you use them on some level for free.

Privacy: It’s important to read the privacy policy of the app. Some programs might store your conversations and other personal information. If privacy is a concern for you, opt for an app that respects your data as much as possible, and don’t reveal highly detailed personal info. 

Features: What features are you looking for in a virtual girlfriend? Some are quite basic, offering just text-based interactions (though not in this list). Others boast advanced features like voice responses and voice recognition and X-rated selfies. 

Reviews: Yes, you are indeed already reading expert reviews of these services, but if you can also check out reviews from other users, you might get insight into the app’s functionality, user-friendliness, and overall quality since this review was published (we do update it regularly though). Most AI porn generators and virtual companions have their own Reddit or Discord communities.

Now that you have a better idea of what to consider, let’s dive into some of the best virtual girlfriend companions available – it’s still pretty early days, so we’ve restricted it to platforms that can demonstrate they are fully functional and stable.

Benefits of choosing a virtual girlfriend

First off, let me speak to the introverts, the busy bees, and the socially anxious among us. Getting to know someone new can be intimidating, and sometimes, downright exhausting. A virtual girlfriend provides an opportunity to interact and form connections on your own terms, at your own pace. 

  • Convenience: Life is chaotic, isn’t it? With a virtual girlfriend, you can connect whenever you want, from wherever you are. No need to synchronize schedules; she’s just a tap away.
  • Comfort: You’re in control of the environment. Interactions can take place in your favorite chair, in bed, on the metro or anywhere else. The choice is yours.
  • Confidence Boost: Virtual girlfriends are supportive and non-judgmental. They can help build your self-esteem and improve your communication skills, which can spill over into your real-life interactions.
  • Cost-Effective: IRL dating can be expensive. With a virtual girlfriend, there are no costly dinner dates or expensive gifts. The financial commitment is typically limited to a one-time purchase or a monthly subscription, which you know about in advance.

Whether you’re looking for a little fun, a confidence boost, or just a break from the traditional dating scene, a virtual girlfriend might just be the ticket. Yes, it’s a virtual romance, but these benefits can still be very real.

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