Multi-gender sexual performance treatment delivers shockwaves to the genitals


A new shockwave-based treatment system for erectile and other sexual function issues, marketed at both male and female users, has been launched by the Alma company, which is known for its medical laser products.

The US-based company announced the launch of its Alma Duo system in January 2023, although versions of the system have been available at least as far back as 2021. It involves shockwaves causing increased blood flow to the genitals, potentially enhancing sexual performance and enjoyment, and is touted as a non-invasive process.

The Alma Duo system has been registered and listed with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a recognized medical device, and has a European Continuing Education (CE) certification.

According to the company, the Alma Duo system works by delivering low-intensity shockwaves, generated through electro-hydraulic power, to the body. It can be used by those of any gender.

The shockwaves prompt the body to implement wound-healing responses that lead to the creation of new arterioles – a type of blood vessel – that in turn leads to increased blood flow around the targeted area.

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In the case of the Alma Duo, the targeted area is very much the genitals. The firm said that when focused on the penis the system can help treat erectile dysfunction, and when focused on the penis or vagina area it can help with “restoring natural function” with regards to sex.

For penises, the system sees shockwaves applied to three places perpendicular to the penile shaft plus two on the penis base. For vaginas, they are applied to the left and right outer labia plus an area just above the vagina.

Alma markets the system to medical professionals, who would then use it to treat patients. It requires six 15-minute treatment sessions over three weeks, with the company saying the treatment can be effective for up to two years.

Lior Dayan, CEO of Alma, says that the system provides a “pain-free” method of addressing sexual problems without the need for surgery, pills or invasive processes such as injections.

He said that “sexual performance is a taboo topic that people often don’t feel comfortable talking about, even with their doctors. With the new Alma Duo, medical professionals can open up the conversation”.

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