TS Virtual Lovers review: Competently serving its niche

ts virtual lovers review
Decent quality 5K scenes
Good Variety of Pairing/Groups/Perspectives
Some Ethnic Diversity

The porn industry has traditionally always been an early adopter of new technologies and virtual reality has been no exception to this trend. That said, the technical challenges of generating and distributing VR porn means that there’s much less of an indie ‘scene’.

Consequently I was a little unsure of what to expect in putting together a TS Virtual Lovers review, a site that falls some way beyond the mainstream but with the glossy look and feel of a major studio – it’s the same company that’s behind RealityLovers and Mature Lovers, too, for the record.

While not offering the same expansive catalog of scenes, TS Virtual Lovers adds at least two new ones each month to keep things feeling fresh – as long as that continues, it’ll just about remain competitively sized in comparison to other niche sites.

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TS Virtual Lovers: Rating

6.8Expert Score
Helped a little by a lack of alternatives

TS Virtual Lovers is a female-focused and produced VR porn site with over 120+ scenes, 50+ performers, and subscriptions starting from $29.99.

It first launched in July 2017 and currently delivers around 1 update each week. See the full TS Virtual Lovers review for more site details.

TS Virtual Lovers is a website that clearly knows its market well and serves it admirably. In fact given the potential for falling into a one-trick pony dilemma there’s a pleasing amount of variety to be found even for more casual viewers.

Ease of Use
We Like
  • Decent quality 5K scenes
  • Good Variety of Pairing/Groups/Perspectives
  • Some Ethnic Diversity
We Dislike
  • Perpetuates Transphobic language
  • Small catalog
tsvirtuallovers 1200 500
Weekly Updates:
2 per month
Max Resolution:
Includes Non-VR (2D) Porn:
Trial: $
1 Month: $
3 Months: $
6 Months: $
12 Months: $
Gift Cards  
Interactive Toys 


TS Virtual Lovers has a pleasingly straightforward interface, a blog-like feed of the most recent scenes and a menu option for searching by model or keyword and buttons for support and for buying membership. Each scene is shown with a handful of thumbnails and a smoothly integrated streaming preview video (that non-members can also access for free).

Viewing the full scenes was a little more frustrating in comparison with the preview video, simply by virtue of not offering streaming of full-length clips.

In fairness the site does state that it doesn’t offer streaming at present, but this is far from obvious to a casual viewer. It’s possible to stream the download links via a VR viewer app – but this was extremely hit and miss, and for the apps that did work the lag and buffering made viewing effectively impossible.

Downloading several gigabytes of video can be a little daunting, especially for those not blessed with abundant phone memory (I downloaded on my laptop and then transferred across to my phone’s memory card), but this is less of an issue for those using Playstation VR or a headset tethered to a PC like a Vive or Rift.

In terms of content there’s no really getting away from the fact that this site is aimed squarely at the ‘chick with dick’ fetish. It caters very well to this market but some users might wonder how comfortable they are with that fetishization. In particular, it’s a little disappointing to see transphobic slurs used throughout both the website and the videos. I understand that many users love the ‘taboo’ element and so for them this is a feature rather than a bug, but it would have been nice to not have this presented as the only option.

In terms of the scenes themselves they are a good length (mostly in the half hour ball park) and are polished and visually appealing. Most scenes are shot POV, which is pleasingly immersive and the directors clearly understand the importance of performers interacting with and addressing the camera directly.

The site offers a good variety of scenes including some group scenes and at least one where the POV performer is a woman rather than a man. I was also pleasantly surprised by the diversity of the cast. There is a variety of ethnicities represented and some videos which aren’t in English (maybe it’s just me but having somebody mumbling in a language I don’t understand while they undress you is kinda hot).


  • Headsets Supported: [rwmb_meta meta_key=”vr_site_headsets”]

TS Virtual Lovers covers most of the big names and offers two quality settings for humble smartphone viewers (one at 30 frames per second, the other 60fps).

The site doesn’t push the technological envelope much, focusing more on offering higher resolutions and frame rates rather than teledildonics features; but I guess it’s better to get the basics nailed before branching out into more experimental technology.


This is one of the pricier sites we’ve come across in the VR sphere so far.

Buying a single video is $9.99 and a block of 5 will only knock the per-video price down to $4.99 each. Meanwhile, monthly subscriptions start at $40 per month and drop down to just over $26 each month if you’re willing to sign up for a three months in one go. At the moment, new scenes are added bi-weekly.

Despite it being a bit pricier than others we’ve seen (admittedly, not trans-specific sites), TS Virtual Lovers has a reasonably-sized catalogue for a niche VR porn site. Given that it’s one of the few brands serving a relatively niche market, it can probably command a premium over more general VR porn sites.

  • $9.99 for one scene
  • $19.99 for three scenes
  • $24.99 for five scenes
  • $39.99 per month
  • $79.99 for three months ($26.66 per month)

Payment methods accepted: Credit/Debit card, PayPal, PaySafeCard


Ultimately if you’re interested in this website you already know it’s for you and there’s little I can say to either encourage or dissuade. TS Virtual Lovers is a website that clearly knows its market well and serves it admirably. In fact given the potential for falling into a one-trick pony dilema there’s a pleasing amount of variety to be found even for more casual viewers. That said it’d be nice for the smooth pre-paywall operation to be reflected with the full content and the price may put off some users.

It’d be nice to see more nuanced (and less othering) trans porn, even some simple additions like behind-the-scenes clips would do a lot to offer a more well-rounded view of the performers, but I guess one can’t have everything.

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