Melondream APK review: A neural network for free soft porn pics

Melondream Neural Network Porn app

We’ve already reviewed a fair few of the best porn apps available to download today, but Melondream, which is now joining that list, is a little different to most of the others.

For a start, none of the others focus solely on providing images – there’s no video content available in the Melondream APK – and few are offered with no ads, and no subscription options.

Indeed, in terms of spam, malicious intent, and permissions requested, Melondreams appears to be legit. In fact, it doesn’t even request any special permissions during the install process – you will still need to have enabled installation of apps from third-party sources though, as Melondream isn’t available via Google Play.

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Melondream Features


Melondream, as already noted, is different – and not just because of the neural network claim or that it’s based on 5-second slideshows: it’s also stupidly simple to use, once you realize what the three buttons actually mean.

Once installed, you connect to a server called ‘soft1’ – there didn’t appear to be any other servers available, having tried ‘hard1’, ‘soft2’, etc. – by hitting the ‘enter’ button on the screen.

That’ll bring up a random image of a woman, with the three options at the bottom of the screen – ‘Wander’, ‘Trance’, or ‘Dream’. It’s the last of these options that makes use of the neural network data clustering to allow you to select similar images, by long-pressing on whatever interests you on-screen.

“To get more of some detail– a pose, a hairstyle, some scenery– press that part of the image… For example, if you see a woman in panties, press the panties to see more girls wearing panties. If you like a woman’s face, press her face to see similar faces. If you like a smile, press it to see more. If want more beach scenes, press the sand and water. If you want to see more girls in the woods, press the greenery. If you like to see girls posing on wooden chairs, press the chair. And so on,” the app’s developer Driftwheeler explained on Reddit.


‘Wander’, by contrast, allows you to jump to a different random woman and scene – unrelated to the currently displayed one, and ‘Trance’ shows you all the photos from that set and shoot.

That’s really it, there are no other options – other than to click through to the original source for each image, and this is where the app creator’s potential revenue comes from in the form of affiliate links. There’s no need to click through or purchase anything to use the app though, so attempting to monetize it in this way seems fair enough.

Melondream app overall

Melondream, while stupidly simple, is still a pretty interesting adult Android app, and one that’s free for as long as you want it to be. Sure, there are no videos, and you can’t change the duration of the slideshow to make it longer or shorter than five seconds, but it’s still one worth checking out.

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