You might find, as we have, that you need more than one VR movie viewer app installed on your Android phone to make the most of your premium VR porn subscription if you want to make use of higher-quality, clearer viewing than your average streaming from free VR sources.

Some of the best VR player apps (sometimes called VR viewers) below can be used for streaming (free or paid) VR clips and full-length videos too.

Free VR Player

This app is one developed by Badoink, but you can use it with VR content from any company or site. On the plus side, it’s a super-simple way to start watching VR videos that have either been downloaded to your device or via streaming.

VR porn app Free VR Player

The downside is that the options are virtually non-existent, so if it doesn’t work very well for your content, there’s not a lot you can do to adjust it.

It is, as its name says, free though.

Download Free VR Player

VR Player Free

Now, you can spot the obvious potential confusion with the naming here, but VR Player Free is another worthwhile option if you don’t want to splash any cash on a virtual reality app for watching videos..

VR Player Free VR Player app

This time, however, you get a few options to play around with, such as selecting your head-mounted display to adjust settings, setting up different inputs, file browser options and a (beta) virtual menu. Most of the more functional features, such as letting you skip through playback, loop videos, adjust the size, show subtitles, and many other features do require the Pro version of the app, which costs $1.99.

It’s a purchase we’ve made, and it also removes the in-app ads, which is nice. Both the free and the paid version of the VR video app let you open URLs though, as well as video files stored locally.

Download VR Player Free

AAA VR Cinema

This is one of the more fully-featured apps for VR videos in this list, and it’s also entirely free, and while that would normally be a good thing, it’s actually a bit annoying.

AAA VR Cinema VR Player app

Simply, because it’s genuinely good for some content, and there’s no way of removing the in-app ads, it’s just a bit of a shame. Nonetheless, the ads don’t appear while you’re viewing virtual reality videos in full screen (obviously) and the breadth of options alone is enough of a reason to put up with them.

There’s support for full 180/360-degree head-tracking, a wealth of different file types and formats and a really quite functional virtual menu that you operate with gaze detection, so just by looking at the item. The one negative is that there’s no good way of streaming videos directly from URLs.

Download AAA VR Cinema

Vars VR Player PRO

This, yet again, is another VR video app that somehow manages to have a confusing name, as there’s another version called Vars VR Video Player from the same dev. Nonetheless, both are free to download, the Pro version just has a few more features than the other.

Vars VR Pro VR Player app

If you want to stream videos and have a whole lot of settings to play around with (like the ability to control parameters like eye distance, lens correction, field of view, vertical position, brightness, saturation or aspect ratio, among others and you want it to work reliably with most types of content, then Vars VR Player Pro is our recommendation.

There are ads in the app, but unlike AAA VR Cinema you can pay to remove them. That’s currently priced at around $4, but varies according to location. The VR virtual menu (like AAA’s) also works pretty reliably too, which is important if you want to seamlessly navigate between your library of VR porn titles without taking off your headset or reaching for a control pad.

Download VaRs VR Player Pro


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