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Going off script: SyncMo’s trying to change the way interactive sex toys work

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While interactive sex toys present a far wider range of possible features than their less smart counterparts, the majority on the market today face one specific challenge: ensuring there’s enough content compatible with their devices, primarily by partnering with one platform at a time.

SyncMo, a new platform from the creators of the SayberX interactive toy way back in 2016/2017, is looking to solve this problem once and for all by getting rid of the need for individually programmed scenes and scripts altogether. Instead, the video motion detection and toy sync is processed in real time as the you watch any video online.

On its most basic level, the SyncMo platform is essentially a custom-built dedicated adult browser for connecting any video source to any interactive sex toy.

“[It’s] a black box of magic – we’ve given the computer the ability to see, manually tuned the algorithms, [and we] extrapolate from that at a very low cpu use, to give you an accurate output to your sex toy in relation to what’s going on on-screen,” SyncMo’s founder and CEO Andy J. Smith told SEXTECHGUIDE.

To use SyncMo, you just download the software, open up any website you like and enable motion tracking. There’s a high, medium and low sensitivity option, allowing you to tweak whether your toy responds to every movement, or if it’s a bit less sensitive.

Smith also explained to us that the SyncMo platform is toy agnostic: the plan is to ensure it works with all of them, and it already supports more than a dozen of the most popular from brands like Kiiroo, Lovense, Svakom and more.

Toys fully supported


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Toy support underway


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Smith told us that the company is adding around 10 new devices per week at the moment, so it shouldn’t take too long until most are supported.

On the content side of things, Smith says you can literally use it to watch anything.

“We’re more like a middleware – like a VPN,” Smith explained.

As software designed to work independently of the content being played, the way in which data is handled will be a consideration for anyone who is privacy-minded, but SyncMo doesn’t collect or transmit any data at all, Smith says.

“[There’s] no account, we don’t know which toy you’re using, and we don’t know what you’re browsing. You just download [the software] and then it’s your thing. We don’t know who you are… the billing shoots off to billing… if you call customer service the only reference is the license number,” Smith says.

While it’s great that no data is collected and that the ‘magic’ works independently of content, the fairly obvious potential for misuse is a question that arose during our chat, but Smith says that the company isn’t fundamentally changing anything about the concept of interactive sex toys.

“SyncMo is not changing the way sex toys and content can be used currently—‍only automating what users can do anyway [without SyncMo]. SyncMo just respects the privacy of its users,” Smith explained. “People misusing stuff will misuse stuff anyway.”

SyncMo Features and costs

SyncMo’s launching initially on the Mac platform (with AirPlay support), with a Windows version well underway and nearing release, to be followed closely by a mobile player web app, rather than a browser app with player functions. Smith says that the varied Bluetooth landscape of Windows devices made it a more challenging prospect.

In addition to allowing sex toys to sync with streamed content, it also works with any downloaded or native content (fun fact: it’ll even work with something like a screensaver, should you want a randomized experience). Future versions of the software will allow you to drag and drop videos into the player directly.

There are a couple of different speed modes, plus a ‘cruise control’ option but the idea isn’t really to control the experience yourself at all. What you can do, however, is connect multiple devices to the same content at the same time if you want to have some fun with someone else, or have two toys to put to use.

At launch, SyncMo costs $5 for a 7-day trial, $14.99 for 1-month, or $119.88 per year (working out to $9.99 per month).

-28% SyncMo - 7 Day Trial
$5.00 $7.00
-16% SyncMo - 1 Year
$9.99 $11.99
-25% SyncMo - 1 Month
$14.99 $19.99
Last update was on: June 8, 2024 2:45 pm

A new way forward?

In creating a simpler way for interactive sex toys to work with anything you can imagine putting on the screen in front of you, SyncMo has the potential to massively increase the size of the interactive toy market, without selling a single device itself. The fact that it works in real-time makes it particularly interesting for any live streaming, whether adult or not.

When someone buys a toy like this, the very first thing most want to do is test it out with interactive content, but knowing where to find that isn’t always straightforward (unless you read our great guide, of course) – removing this barrier will make the whole process more seamless, and more enjoyable.

At least, in theory. What it truly depends on is how well SyncMo performs when connected to different types of content, and we won’t know that until our full review is complete.

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  1. There is already tech like this out there and that is an [eafl id="136604" name="FeelMe AI" text="extension for your browser called feelme"] and also cheaper than this

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