Arcwave Voy review: An innovative, stylish stroker with effective tightness adjustment

arcwave voy review (2)


Arcwave Voy review: An innovative, stylish stroker with effective tightness adjustment
Arcwave Voy review: An innovative, stylish stroker with effective tightness adjustment
Arcwave Voy review: An innovative, stylish stroker with effective tightness adjustment
Stylish and discrete design
Adjustable tightness tech is unique
High-quality materials
Super-easy to clean

Arcwave is a relatively new brand in the world of sex toys, despite being an offshoot created by the already very well-established WowTech (best known for its Womanizer and We-Vibe brands), Arcwave made, er, a splash in the market, with the release of the innovative Ion device last year.

Aimed at pleasuring anyone with a penis like they’ve never experienced before, the Arcwave Ion masturbator (which scored a 7.5 in our review) was quite a new kind of sex toy at the time. How? It promised a different kind of orgasm than your average thrust-action Fleshlight-like stroker, by focusing exclusively on the tip of the penis using air pressure stimulation rather than friction.

After relatively positive success, Arcwave returned with the launch of a new, simpler device based on a more traditional, and altogether more lo-tech design: the Voy.

The Arcwave Voy dosn't look out of place on a sideboard, really.
Arcwave Voy Cap and Base

While not as fully-featured as the Ion, the Voy is a premium, compact stroker that sets itself apart through its superior material, custom fit and clever design, which allows you to adjust the tightness. This, Arcwave states, offers a “unique experience as you reach a powerful orgasm”. And this is the claim we’re here to test.

To test out just how true this claim is, we’ve been putting the Arcwave Voy through its paces for the last few weeks. Priced at a much lower price point than the Ion ($99/£79 versus $199/£169), the device is currently available to buy from the brand’s official website. Check out the rest of our Arcwave Voy review below to see if it’ll be worth splashing your cash on.


What does it look like? What is it made from? Is it heavy?

Design & Overview

The design of the Voy is quite simple. It consists of a 115x85mm black tube reminiscent of a camera lens. On each end attaches two protector lids, which feature ventilation channels so that Voy can dry quickly after cleaning and maintain its condition over time. On the inside, there’s a high-quality, non-porous ribbed silicone Arcwave refers to as “CleanTech silicone”. This, it claims, is more hygienic than your average silicone as well as being durable yet flexible and totally waterproof (mostly to help with cleaning). We have to admit, it’s got a great high-grade finish to it that feels both smooth and strong.

Unlike the Ion, there are no electronic parts in the Voy, meaning it’s ready to go when you are with no batteries or charging time, which is a nice relief.

Arcwave Voy is just about hand-sized for most people
Arcwave Voy is a compact manual stroker

The USP here, though, is the Voy’s tightness adjustment tech, which certainly proves that Arcwave knows how to use science to its advantage. After conducting research and finding that the penis contains Merkel-Ranvier receptors that respond pleasurably to the right level of applied pressure, the brand came up with its “Tightness Adjustment System”, which it refers to as “TAS”. This, it says, stimulates these natural pleasure-givers with the right fit and feel, no matter your size or shape. You simply twist the dial on the barrel to try a different pressure setting, of which there are eight. It’s quite surprising how tight this thing can go; the customisation of pressure is a nice touch.

Our favourite thing about the Voy’s design, however, is its compactness and subtlety. You can store it quite easily and when both caps are attached it looks like your bog-standard camera lens. So even if you left it out by accident, you wouldn’t have to worry about people knowing immediately what it was. It’s a great, subtle design that remains discrete. Well, until you pick it up and look inside.


Is the Arcwave Voy enjoyable to use?

Experience and in-use

Thanks to its TAS system, the Arcwave Voy is able to target specific pleasure sensors on the skin that respond to pressure. When stimulated just right, this offers up a new king of sensation, which is pleasurable, just not in the way you’re used to.

The company claims playing with Voy is more intense than regular masturbation, and while it does offer an intense experience, it’s not really better, nor is it worse. It’s intense but in a different way from the old tried-and-tested “rosy palm” method, but we wouldn’t exactly say “enhanced”. After testing the device out numerous times, we did enjoy it more every time we used it, so there’s definitely a learning curve involved in getting the most out of it. Ergonomics are up there, also. It fits in the hand really well thanks to its shape, which has clearly been designed specially so that it’s easy to handle and gives you a good grip.

Arcwave Voy looks a bit like a camera lens when uncapped

When it comes to cleaning up, the Voy makes life super easy with its CleanTech silicone. Give it a rinse under the tap and it’s good to go. If this alone isn’t enough to make you buy one, we don’t know what is.

Downsides? The sound this thing makes. If you’re really going for it, let’s just say it’s definitely not the most subtle-sounding sex toy out there. The loud sucking sound can be a little off-putting but, again, probably something you just need to get used to.


Is the Arcwave Voy worth buying?

Cost and Value

The Arcwave Voy is much more affordable than its more spenny sibling, the Ion, but it still doesn’t come cheap – especially when compared to many other non-connected, manual fleshlights on the market. Priced at $99/£79, it’s about £30 more than the well-reviewed Flight Pilot Male Masturbator, for example. However, when you consider the research that’s gone into developing this device, and its premium, subtle design and tightness adjustment tech, it’s not a bad price by any means.

While the experience of the Voy is a good one, it’s worth keeping in mind that you’re paying for the unique design, top-notch use of quality materials and stylish aesthetics, too.

A truly novel experience, but an expensive one

The Arcwave Voy is an innovative twist on the traditional fleshlight thanks to some customisable pressure settings, an arrangement of high-quality, easy-to-clean materials and a super stylish and attractive design that is also discrete enough not to raise eyebrows if spotted from across the room.

Arcwave Voy inside is ridged

Still, while it was a pleasant experience and it did heighten orgasms, albeit a different kind of orgasm from your standard, it didn’t blow our socks off. Although, there is definitely a learning curve involved in getting the right tightness and comfort level that feels just right for you, so it could get better in time.

8.2Expert Score
Relatively unique, if not cheap

The Arcwave Voy is about as ‘no-tech’ as we cover, but it’s still a relatively impressive toy that brings a heightened, if different, type of orgasm. The lack of motors, batteries or the need to recharge is refreshing, but it comes at the cost of the sort of features we’ve come to love – like syncing interactive sex toys with porn or other toys. For anyone that does want that experience, the Lovense Gush is a similarly-sized toy with low noise output.

Arcwave Voy
The Arcwave Voy is a male stroker with a unique tightness adjustment system, which requires no batteries or recharging.
Arcwave Voy review: An innovative, stylish stroker with effective tightness adjustment
$99.00 / £79.00 at the time of review.

Ease of Use
  • Stylish and discrete design
  • Adjustable tightness tech is unique
  • High-quality materials
  • Super-easy to clean
  • A bit loud, despite no 'power' technology
  • Not the cheapest toy

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