BabeVR review: Intimate VR solo scenes that focus on toy play


$9.95 $24.95

BabeVR review: Intimate VR solo scenes that focus on toy play
BabeVR review: Intimate VR solo scenes that focus on toy play
BabeVR review: Intimate VR solo scenes that focus on toy play
$9.95 $24.95
Unlimited Streaming & Download
Novel Approach
Includes Access to BaDoinkVIP Non-VR
One New Video Per Week

BabeVR is pretty much the newest VR porn site to launch that’s included in this list, and that’s despite its not unexpectedly small catalog too. So what makes this VR porn site different? Read our full BabeVR review below to find out.

With the ever-growing number of VR porn sites available, launching another BaDoink-owned brand might seem a bit of a confusing decision for a company that already has several VR porn sites, but this one has another USP – namely, it focuses on offering a more intimate experience, loaded with dirty chat and no male performers anywhere to be seen.

In fact, the company’s trying specifically to include some performers that no longer do boy-girl scenes, like Samantha Bentley, April Oneil, Veronica Rodriguez and Lexi Belle.

Is the novelty worth your hard-earned cash though? We put the site through our review process to find out. As always, we’ve got a summary of the review in the next section below, with more detailed info below that.

21/06/2022 – Update

The content of this review needs updating, but the information in the summary box is always updated regularly.


BabeVR: Review Score

8.1Expert Score
Stunning solo scenes

BabeVR manages to offer good value for money despite its small catalog by delivering regular updates and not asking too much for them. Sure, there’s nowhere near the number of scenes as other general access VR porn sites, but BabeVR offers a different experience, plus access to a bunch of non-VR porn scenes too.

Ease of Use
  • Unlimited Streaming &amp
  • Download
  • Novel Approach
  • Includes Access to BaDoinkVIP Non-VR
  • One New Video Per Week
  • No Teledildonics
  • Catalog is Relatively Small
Weekly Updates:
~ 3 per month
Max Resolution:
Includes Non-VR (2D) Porn:
Trial: $
1 Month: $
12 Months: $
Gift Cards  
Interactive Toys 
60% off first month

BabeVR Review: Design and Content

BabeVR doesn’t have a huge amount of videos at the moment, so there’s no particular need to offer extensive filters or other ways to find particular types of scenes. As such, there are a few simple category/tag options, and pretty much nothing else. What that leaves is around 121+ VR porn scenes to scroll your way though, which is fine for now.

Most performers have only done one scene so far, so there’s a nearly 1:1 number of scenes to performers, which means plenty of variety providing the company keeps up this strategy. On the downside, if you have a favorite girl, you’re not likely to find her in more than one scene on BabeVR at the moment.

One small gripe is the initial landing page after logging in, which shows you not only BabeVR content but also the most popular and newest scenes from other BaDoink sites, like VRCosplayX and 18VR. There’s no problem with this sort of cross-promotion, but it’d be nice if there was some sort of combo discount on offer for people willing to take multiple subscriptions at once.

True to the site’s overall aim, there are no male performers in any of the scenes. Instead, BabeVR focuses on trying to film shoots with female performers that no longer do boy-girl scenes. Not all the performers fit this criteria precisely, but it’s an interesting approach to be taking, when combined with sex toys and a more intimate experience.

BabeVR Review: Headset Support & Features

Like other BaDoink-run VR porn sites, BabeVR supports most major (and white-label) VR headsets, though it notably hasn’t added support for Windows Mixed Reality yet – this is forgivable at this stage, given the lack of headsets out there in the wild. The main BaDoinkVR site does support WMR though.

For PSVR users it’s worth keeping in mind that there’s no streaming VR option for you – it’s downloads only.

This option makes the main BaDoinkVR site incredibly convenient to use without needing to download every title, and you don’t need to keep taking the headset on and off. Presumably, if the site continues to grow over time, these features will be ported across to BabeVR too. There’s also no teledildonic / smart sex toy support at the moment either.

Depending on which device you’re watching on, there are a few different ways of viewing each scene – the site makes its own recommendations pretty clear, but as usual, in our testing we tried a few different VR player apps, as well as testing on PSVR too. VaRs VR Player Pro worked best for us on a phone, but your mileage may vary, particularly depending on whether you opt to download or stream the scenes.

BabeVR Review: Pricing

BabeVR’s overall value really depends on how long you want to subscribe for and how often you’ll want new scenes. With a rolling monthly subscription of $9.95 per month, even if you were to ignore the existing catalog entirely, you’d be paying just under $2.50 per new scene added each month (as there is one new one each week). Subscribing for a year pretty much cuts that cost in half again, to around $1.25 per week/new scene, which is pretty much as cheap as any site gets.

  • One Day, Streaming-only for $1
  • One month for $9.95
  • One year for $59.40 ($4.95 per month)

Payment Methods: Credit/Debit Card

BabeVR Review: Overall

BabeVR is a bit of a tricky one. On one hand, it has an admittedly small catalog at the moment. But on the other, stumping up for a year brings it down to a pretty much ludicrously cheap $1.25 per week, which is undeniably good value even in spite of the overall catalog size.

Backed by BaDoink, the site is trying to do something genuinely different by offering popular solo performers that no longer do full hardcore shoots, but are happy to play with themselves and toys in VR. The result is pretty damn impressive, providing you don’t miss having a guy in the scene as well.

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