Kiiroo Cliona review: A simple, fun and powerful $99 interactive vibrator

Kiiroo Cliona review

Cliona is one of Kiiroo’s latest toys ‘for her’ (as it states on the brand’s site), and my second Kiiroo product review for SEXTECHGUIDE. I’d had a chance to check it out while still in beta at a trade exhibition late last year, and I was immediately drawn to its almost cartoonish design, but was assured that there was more to it than met the eye.

Roll on February 2019, when I was lucky enough to be sent one as soon as it became available for review.


Kiiroo Cliona Review: Quick Overview and Score

Kiiroo Cliona review: A simple, fun and powerful $99 interactive vibrator $99
Kiiroo Cliona review

Product Name: Kiiroo Cliona

Product Description: The Cliona is marketed as a clitoral vibrator for women that costs $99, but in reality it's not a very gendered sex toy. It's also discreet and powerful.

Brand: Kiiroo

Offer price: $99

Currency: USD


The Kiiroo Cliona hasn’t achieved the top review score possible, but there’s plenty to like about the discreet $99 vibrator. People that love highly-functional tech, powerful vibrations, and the cash to spend will likely enjoy the experience.

We probably wouldn’t recommend it for people who enjoy pinpoint stimulation, or anyone with poor eyesight, as the buttons can be tricky to sense by touch.

  • Design
  • Ease of Use
  • Experience
  • Extras/Innovation
  • Value


  • Variety of use (Interactive VR/video, remotely with partner, paired with other toys)
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to clean
  • Powerful


  • A little too touch sensitive
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Kiiroo Cliona review: Design

I’m very taken with the design of Cliona, as a whole package actually. It arrived in a compact and robust little box (great for storage), without too much unnecessary waste materials. The understated style of the packaging is also pleasingly non-gendered, and may feel more inclusive for trans users. Included is a jackpin charger, quick setup manual, and 12 month warranty card.

The item itself is very petite, being only 11.5cm x 5cm x 4cm, and weighing in at just 75g. Its overall size make it decidedly unthreatening, cute almost, with its curvy, bubbly shape and rich magenta colour.

It’s also a pleasure to touch and hold as Cliona is almost entirely covered in smooth matte silicone, except for an oval chrome accent made from ABS on the handle. Smaller toys can sometimes pose a problem for those with limited hand mobility, so I decided to enlist a friend, who confirmed that despite their mobility issues, they found Cliona to be far more manageable than other smaller items they’d tried previously, such as bullet vibes.

The multifunctional power button is located on the toy’s handle, just below the two left and right arrow buttons which are used to cycle through the four preset vibration patterns – a mix of static, oscillating and pulsing modes.

The vibrating head is angled away, with a curve of just over 90 degrees, and this is where the two vibration intensity buttons are situated, in the form of an embossed plus and minus sign. The charging port is tricky to see at first, as it is covered with silicone that you need to push the jackpin into, but it’s located right at the bottom of Cliona.

Kiiroo Cliona review: In use

With the exception of the power button, all other buttons are touch sensitive, and I certainly found the emphasis to be on the sensitive. It took a period of adjustment initially, as I kept constantly changing the pattern or speed unintentionally.

Fortunately there are a couple of workarounds to this, one of which is the Deactivate Touch function. Once you have chosen the desired pattern and power, you just press the power button to set your choice, with a further press to reactivate it again.

The other option is to just download the Feel Connect app for your phone and use it as a remote control.

I only had the opportunity to use Cliona solo, but like the rest of Kiiroo’s catalogue, it’s entirely interactive and can be used in a variety of ways. When powered on with one four-second press, the toy is in Bluetooth mode (denoted by a blinking blue LED within the power button).

From here, you can either connect to interactive video or VR content, connected to a partner so they can control your toy remotely, or even connected to other toys in the same proximity.

For manual use, power on and double click until a pink LED is displayed. When this is flashing, the arrows can be used to cycle through the patterns. Returning to Bluetooth is done with another double click, and another four second press will power the toy off.

Charging is a really simple affair, the charging port is located on the very bottom and it takes around an hour for 90 minutes of play, or 2 hours if charging via a PC. Low battery is indicated by a red flashing LED, while a solid green light displays a full charge.

Power and Cleaning

I was very pleasantly surprised by the power of Cliona’s vibrations – for such a small item it definitely packs a punch.

It’s certainly a broader type of stimulation, so avoid if pinpoint vibration is your thing. You get around an hour of use, and there are a whole ten levels of vibration to play with, plus four patterns.

Both the power levels and patterns are very distinct and easy to differentiate. One thing that stood out was that the silicone feels great on the skin, especially with a drop of water-based lube.

Cleaning this product couldn’t be easier, as it is fully waterproof, and the design means there are no difficult nooks to get into.

Kiiroo Cliona review: Is it worth it?

Cliona retails at $99 (€99), so it’s definitely a higher-end product than a standard vibrator. However, it is so unthreatening in appearance that it would probably make an ideal first sex toy, especially for someone of a technological bent as it has some really cool functionality. It has a great deal to offer: It’s body-safe, simple to use and clean, and rechargable.

It’s also attractive, not particularly gender-specific, or anatomical in the least. It has a fairly high degree of interactive functionality, and as previously mentioned could be useful for some people with reduced grip function. You might want to look elsewhere if you mainly enjoy pinpoint focused stimulation.

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