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Lovense Tenera 2 review: An interactive clitoral suction toy that's good for lower-intensity experiences

May 16, 2024
May 16, 2024
Lovense Tenera 2 review
We like
Good for sensitive clits
Feature rich app
Sync with other toys
We dislike
Not for "power queens"
On the expensive side
Long-distance feature flop

The Lovense Tenera 2 is the newest smart sex toy by Lovense, equipped with a suction feature. It supports manual operation as well as remote control via the brand's app, and while that's all mildly interesting, I was keen to find out if it was any good.

While suction toys have been flooding the market in recent years, with toys such as the Womanizer, Lelo's Sila, and the many iterations of the Rose, not many have taken to adding remote control (long-distance, no less!), with the exception of devices like the Satisfyer's Pro 2 and Pink Punch's Peachu.

Lovense is known for its high-tech devices, and loyal users will be familiar with its feature rich app, so it's no surprise that the Tenera 2 is priced much higher than the $79 Satisfyer, sitting at $259.

However, it does also sits at the higher end of the Lovense range of vulva pleasure toys ($99 bullet vibrator Exomoon, $119 egg toy Lush, $199 fingering Flexer, $119 couples toy Quake, $229 G-spot toy Vulse,), and is priced the same as the thrusting Gravity, with a half price discount on the main site at the time of writing.

With all of this in mind, it'll be interesting to see whether the technology is really worth the money. Does a simple suction toy really require app-control?

Tenera 2: Design & Features

Firstly, Lovense is rather intentional with its delivery, ensuring the toy comes in discreet packaging, which can't be said for all sex toy brands, so at least you're in good hands.

In the box you receive the Tenera 2 device which comes in a pastel pink and blue gradient for a soft and sensual design, along with magnetic USB charging cable, the Tenera 2 user manual, and a satin storage bag.

The toy itself is made from body safe silicone that is waterproof, making it easy for cleaning and useful for stimulating yourself in the bath or shower. Lovense advises, for cleaning purposes, submerge the device in water and put on the highest setting for the toy to self-clean.

It weighs 105.6 grams and is 4.72 inches long and 1.67 inches wide making it the handle easy to hold and grip. Most importantly, it has a wide suction mouth of 0.71 inches x 0.89 inches, for people who prefer more indirect clitoral stimulation.

There are two buttons on the back of the toy, +/-, whereby you hold down the + button to turn on and off, and both buttons to flick through the 10 manual settings. Alternatively, sync up the device to the Lovense Remote App, via iOS or Android to enjoy the many possibilities, such as creating your own patterns, sync up to a partner's device, vibe along to your fave Spotify songs, or even sync up to other Lovense Toys

Taking 70 minutes to charge, Tenera 2 offers 78 minutes of use. For those who live with family or friends and want to keep their pleasure private, on the loudest setting, it reaches 43 decibels, which for context is slightly louder than light rain (40dB) and quieter than a normal conversation (55dB).

With 4,500 pulses per minute, I'm keen to get exploring how this toy works in practice.

Solo experience

Trying this toy on for size, I was pleasantly surprised by its capabilities. As someone who does enjoy a suction device, as my body prefers indirect clitoral stimulation, I found the wide mouth to be a good fit for my vulva. However the nozzle has a softish rim, which erred slightly on the harder side for my tastes, for people who want more intensity, this is only a good thing!

The toy itself was easy to hold and flicking through the various settings was enjoyable and without much hassle, and the vibrations themselves were rumbly enough. I liked the fact that I could also place the device in between my thighs for a hands-free approach, and the

What elevated the experience for me, was when I tested out the app control. What could have been an overwhelming element, considering the many features, the user experience felt relatively clear and simple to use.

You can pre-save up to 10 patterns on the app, as well as control the toy through the live slide feature, or looping the pattern that you like.

Not to mention the additional remote features, such as the Music feature, which allowed me to sync up to my favorite songs on Spotify. I found the vibrations weren't precisely melodic to the tune, but there was definitely a bass rhythm that created a multi-sensory experience.

Users will also be keen to know that you can also sync up your devices with other devices locally. Thankfully, Lovense was very generous and sent over Gemini, its smart vibrating nipple clamps which I connected alongside the Tenera 2 to enjoy together.

Once again, connection to the app was simple and hassle-free. On the Remote feature, I could either control each nipple clamp and suction toy individually, or if I placed them on top of each other, I could control them at the same time.

However, if you wanted to separate them again, you'd need to go off the feature and back on again.

Hunting through the many exciting features on the Lovense app, I also discovered the "new" AI features in collaboration with VibeMate (iOS and Android), where you can "indulge your senses and interact with your favorite videos".

Long-distance experience

The Control Roulette was interesting as you can control and chat anonymously with other Lovense users live on the app. You simply select your own gender and the gender of the person you'd like to play with and hope for the best. With a worldwide reach on Lovense it can find you a person to connect with and you can chat, give, and take control at the same time as using each of your devices.

Under the Long Distance banner, I also spotted a missed event, announcing that a few days prior to my testing there was a "VibeMate Orgy Event", where I could have "enjoyed pleasure with thousands of participants!" Looks like they host these regularly, so will be adding that to the calendar.

Lovense certainly has the whole cyber sex thing down.

I was also excited to sync up with my partner over long-distance to see how the connection was and whether this would be worth integrating into our relationship. Considering many other long-distance toys have been a let-down, I wasn't too hopeful.

And I was right to be cautious. While the toys had synced without fail locally, the connection long-distance was rough and frustrating. After some technical difficulties and app-learning, we were finally able to chat on the app, yet control over the devices proved to be a pain, as you had to close the chat to play with the controls, and vice versa, so not getting the full live experience with my partner.

The interface left us feeling a bit let down – so much for my happy ending.

Tenera 2 review: Worth buying?

In conclusion, the Lovense Tenera 2 is a decent option for those seeking a smart suction device with a wide breadth of remote control features. It has a soft and sleek design, is totally waterproof, and offers a user-friendly app.

However, with a premium price tag and a focus on indirect stimulation, it may not be the ideal choice for everyone. Despite some minor drawbacks such as difficulty surrendering to long-distance play with a partner, and perhaps the wide mouth and limited power for those seeking more intense sensations, its versatility in syncing with other toys and other remote features do add significant value.

Ultimately, whether the Tenera 2 justifies its price depends on an individual's tech tastes and physical pleasure preferences.


Tenera 2 review: does a suction device really need so many remote features?
Smart suction sex toy, Tenera 2, is rich in remote-control features, and while it's a steep price to pay for an orgasm (or multiple) it does the job. Make sure you know what your body likes before forking out $259, as this is especially designed for more indirect stimulation.
Ease of Use
Charging Time:
Battery Life:
Blue, Pink
People with a Vulva & Vagina
Fully Waterproof
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Lovense Tenera 2 review: An interactive clitoral suction toy that's good for lower-intensity experiences
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