I’m frequently – very frequently – asked for recommendations for “sex toys for couples”. As a sex educator and sex toy geek, I struggle with this designation because my firm belief is that any and all sex toys can be couple’s toys. Do you use it with a partner? Congratulations, it’s a couple’s toy.

However, when I dig a little bit deeper, it turns out that what most people mean when they ask for a “couple’s toy” is something that can be used during heterosexual intercourse to enhance pleasure for one or both parties. The Sync from We-Vibe is one of the consistently best reviewed products in this category, as well as being a wonderful little slice of sex tech, so I was really excited to get to try one out!

We-Vibe Sync Review: Design

The Sync is a newer, improved version of We-Vibe’s classic toy model. It’s a C-shaped toy with a slim end that fits inside the vagina, and a wider end that rests against the clitoris. The insertable length is about 2.5-inches.

The Sync is operated with a single button on the outside of the external arm, or alternatively can be operated via a remote control or the We-Connect mobile app (more on that below).

This toy boasts two motors, one in each arm, for dual stimulation. It is fully waterproof, comes in two colours (mine is a lovely turquoise colour – it’s also available in purple) and is rechargeable via a nifty little docking stand that then plugs in with a USB cable.

Probably one of the best features of the Sync, though, is the adjustable fit. It has two hinges, one between the two arms and one at the base of the internal arm. This means the shape and positioning is highly customisable and will probably fit most vulvas. The issue I have with many dual stimulation toys is they simply don’t fit with the shape of my body. With the Sync, this is not a problem – just move the hinges until it’s sitting comfortably.

We-Vibe Sync Review: Care, Cleaning & Safety

The entire outside of the Sync is made of silicone, which is hypoallergenic, non-porous and completely body-safe. As the Sync is waterproof, you can clean it easily with warm water and some gentle soap or toy cleaner.

For a quick clean up, a body-safe sterile wipe (I buy in bulk from medical suppliers) will work. There are ridges on the underside of each arm, which could harbour bacteria, so take special care when cleaning these areas.

We-Vibe Sync Review: Experience

My partner and I tested the Sync together, and we had a brilliant time!

It took a little adjusting to get the toy to sit properly between us, with the external arm resting on my clitoris. Thankfully, the hinges made this a breeze to sort out. We switched it on before we started our penetrative play, and played with a few of the different settings to see which one we liked best. The Sync boasts ten different vibration patterns; however, I am not a fan of patterns at all – I like my vibrations constant. Therefore, we settled on the strongest of four constant vibration settings.

The toy stayed in place very nicely during sex, even when things were quite vigorous. I experienced little pleasure from the internal arm – it wasn’t really long enough or curved in quite the right way to hit my G-spot effectively – but my partner reported that the vibrations against his penis were very enjoyable. The internal arm is also slim enough that it did not get in the way, poke me painfully (a problem I’ve had with other similarly designed products) or make penetration difficult when we had sex with it in.

The real point of this toy though, from my perspective, is to provide clitoral stimulation to a vulva-owner during sex. The vast majority of people with vulvas do not typically orgasm from penetration alone (studies suggest anywhere from 60-90% or even higher), so Clitoral stimulation is required as well, but using your hand or holding a toy can get in the way.

We-Vibe’s delivered the perfect solution with the Sync; the vibrations of the Sync were powerful and rumbly enough that I was able to quickly reach orgasm during penetration with my partner, which was immensely satisfying for both of us.

We-Vibe Sync Review: We-Connect App

We-Connect is We-Vibe’s signature app (Android / iOS) and with the Sync, it is a great addition to an already brilliant toy. Within the app you can control the toy, changing the vibration settings and intensity, and control the two motors independently of each other – something which you cannot do any other way.

I found this feature particularly valuable when using the toy solo, as I don’t really care for internal vibrations. As well as changing the settings, you can create your own by “drawing” your own patterns, and create and save a playlist of your favourite modes.

With the app, your Sync can be controlled from anywhere in the world – all while video or text chatting in-app with your partner. If you and your partner both have app-compatible We-Vibe toys, you can even control each other’s simultaneously.

We-Connect also has two additional new features exclusive to Sync: Beat Mode, which makes the vibrations pulse in time with your favourite music, and Touch mode, which instantly translates your partner’s movements on their screen into the vibrations.

We-Vibe Sync Review: For More Than Just PIV

Though designed very much for penis-in-vagina sex between a cis, heterosexual couple, the Sync is actually quite a versatile toy. There’s no reason not to use it for solo sex – it makes a great masturbation toy, particularly because you can use it hands-free. It’s also a brilliant toy for long-distance couples thanks to the app’s fantastic features, and would be a great choice for the daring folks amongst you who want a wearable toy you can use discreetly outside the house.

We-Vibe Sync Review: Recommended?

I highly recommend this toy to couples looking for a toy to provide strong clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex, to long distance couples wanting a toy with highly effective app controls, and to anyone wanting a solo sex toy that they can wear and use hands-free.

We-Vibe Sync Review $141.58+

Product Name: We-Vibe Sync

Product Description: The We-Vibe Sync comes highly recommended to couples looking for a toy to provide strong clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex, to long distance couples wanting a toy with highly effective app controls, and to anyone wanting a solo sex toy that they can wear and use hands-free. It's pricier than some other devices, but it's also a whole lot of fun.

Offer price: $179.99

Currency: USD

Highly Recommended

The We-Vibe Sync comes highly recommended to couples looking for a toy to provide strong clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex, to long distance couples wanting a toy with highly effective app controls, and to anyone wanting a solo sex toy that they can wear and use hands-free. It’s pricier than some other devices, but it’s also a whole lot of fun.

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  • Ease of Use
  • Experience
  • Innovation
  • Value
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  • Strong, Rumbly Vibrations for Clitoral Stimulation During Penetrative Sex
  • Adjustable to Fit Most Bodies
  • Comfortable to Use and Doesn’t Get in the Way
  • We-Connect App is a Brilliant Addition
  • Long-distance Compatible
  • Quiet Vibrations


  • Very Much Geared Towards Cisgender Heterosexual Couples
  • Weak Internal Vibrations
  • Internal Arm Not Long Enough to Hit the G-spot for Some Bodies
  • App Required to Get the Most Out of It

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Amy Norton is a writer, blogger, adult product reviewer and sex educator. She identifies as bisexual, polyamorous, kinky, a feminist and a survivor, among many other things. When she's not writing, she can probably be found reading, drinking coffee, or snuggling her two adorable cats. She lives in the UK with her primary partner. You can find her sex blog at coffeeandkink.me and follow her on Twitter @CoffeeAndKink.

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