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VRBTrans Review: Simple and reliable streaming puts it ahead

A woman is giving a VRBTrans massage to a man.

$9.95 $30.00

Best deal at:
VRBTrans Review: Simple and reliable streaming puts it ahead
VRBTrans Review: Simple and reliable streaming puts it ahead
$9.95 $30.00
Great In-browser Streaming
Videos Support 2D (non-VR) Playback

VRBTrans is a spin off of the larger VRBangers Network targeted at the ‘chick with dick’ fetish. As such, there’s transphobic language used throughout but I appreciate that this site is targeted at a group for whom a large proportion will either be indifferent to, or actively enjoy a certain level of taboo othering.

VRBTrans hits very similar territory to TS Virtual Lovers to the extent that more can be gleaned by highlighting the differences between these two sites than the similarities. As you’d expect, they have a whole bunch in common, but which, if either, is worth your cash?

VRBTrans: Rating

7.8Expert Score
Great for smartphone VR

VRBTrans narrowly edges out TSVirtualLovers for our favorite trans VR porn site, despite having comparably sized catalogs. That reason? Convenience for mobile users – VRBTrans has excellent in-browser streaming that saves time and fuss, plus you can always download later if you want optimum quality. Though it doesn’t throw in many extras, that combined with high-quality scenes is enough to make it recommended.

Ease of Use
We Like
  • Great In-browser Streaming
  • Videos Support 2D (non-VR) Playback
We Dislike
  • Transphobic Language
  • Lacks Variety
  • Relatively small catalog
vrbtrans 1000 300
Weekly Updates:
Max Resolution:
Includes Non-VR (2D) Porn:
Trial: $
1 Month: $
6 Months: $
12 Months: $
Lifetime: $
Gift Cards  
Interactive Toys 
-66% VRBTrans - 1 Month
$9.95 $30.00
Last update was on: June 21, 2024 6:56 pm


As with its rival options, VRBTrans offers full downloads, which is great for those with unlimited bandwidth, although for phones not blessed with an abundant internal memory, downloading can be a bit of a faff. Not to fear however, because VRB Trans has got a very well-engineered in-browser streaming option.

In this mode, assuming you’re also watching on a phone rather than a high-end headset, selecting to view any of the scenes automatically launches into a basic 360 video, but with an option to switch to full VR viewing. Streaming is smooth and hassle free and the viewer is very user friendly, with even basic headsets able to easily enter a menu and skip about in the video just through head movements and gaze detection.

The initial launch into a basic 360-degree video is perhaps useful if you’re unsure how interested you are in an individual scene, but still feels a little weird for a site focused on VR porn. We’d have expected it to launch in VR by default.

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In terms of the videos themselves, these are well put together if a little unimaginative. There’s a couple of threesome scenes and a couple of voyeur type scenes where the camera switches to non-POV to watch two people f*cking, but little that pushes the envelope. The camera POV’s body, when it has one, is exclusively a male one (but again this probably isn’t an issue for much of the intended market). There’s a couple of curious directorial decisions, such as having a character in a video then become the viewer’s POV avatar.

I’m also not quite convinced about having performers making kissing motions close to camera, but it’s fun to see the filmmakers experimenting with the format.

One curious feature are the little icons accompanying the video that let you know whether it should be watched lying, seated, standing or a combination of these during the scene. The site also lets you search for scenes based on the viewing position. I’m not entirely sure how big a difference position makes in terms of how immersive the experience is, but I can see it being useful in terms of finding a comfortable position to view in without having to crane your neck at uncomfortable high or low angles.

In terms of technical specs, most videos are 60fps in 3D with binaural sound and a max 4K resolution – VR purists would want 5K here, but without a Vive or Oculus headset, you wouldn’t be able to make use of it anyway. Most are 180 degree views, although a couple offer 360 degrees, which is a nice touch but unlikely to make a huge difference in most cases…unless you really like spinning around in a chair while you watch.


As with most of the larger VR sites all the main contenders are referenced here (Vive, Rift, Playstation VR and the three major smartphone options – Gear VR, Daydream and Cardboard for Android/iPhone). I was testing with a smartphone and generic viewer.

Curiously, in addition to the excellent streaming, the site also offers its own VR app, though this is only available for the Rift, Vive, Gear VR and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Support for Daydream and Cardboard is reportedly still coming soon.

Really, the only major omission – and that’s itself debatable, due to the relatively low number of devices available currently – is support for teledildonic devices from the likes of Kiiroo and Lovense. No doubt it’ll arrive eventually.


VRB Trans doesn’t offer individual video scenes for sale, instead the site has just three subscription packages: monthly ($0.83/day i.e. just under $25 per month), annual ($0.41/day i.e. $149.55) or lifetime for $249.00.

This puts its monthly rates in the same ballpark as TS Virtual Lovers, but with a cheap-and-cheerful one-day option and some pretty hefty discounts for longer subscriptions, providing you’re willing to cough up the lump sum up front. If you can see yourself subscribing on a long-term basis, it’s definitely worthwhile though.

  • One month for $25
  • One year for $150
  • Lifetime for $250

Payment Methods: Credit/Debit Card, PayPal


VRB Trans is a very well put together site that’s easy to use and offers a compelling pricing structure. The absence of technical difficulties really shows the difference that a polished user interface can make. As with TS Virtual Lovers the site targets a particular audience without getting too bogged down in technological extras.

Unlike TS Virtual Lovers, which doesn’t allow streaming of full-length scenes at all, it makes getting at the content a hassle-free experience.

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