ChatGPT video update incoming, adult content creators to invariably test it limits


Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT is set to reach a new stage of evolution this week (beginning March 13, 2023), when it is expected to roll out a function that will allow ChatGPT video and images to be created through simple text prompts.

GPT-4, the underlying language model technology powering ChatGPT, is expected to be unveiled, replacing the current underlying technology, GPT-3.5. The news was revealed by Microsoft, which owns a large chunk of OpenAI, the company that created ChatGPT, with Microsoft having invested billions of dollars in the firm.

Heise Online reported that on March 9 Andreas Braun, chief technology officer at Microsoft Germany, said: “We will introduce GPT-4 next week… we will have multimodal models that will offer completely different possibilities – for example videos.”

Microsoft has not revealed the form that the ‘next level’ ChatGPT will take, such as an add-on.

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Currently ChatGPT can ‘chat’ to human users and create written documents based on text prompts, but the AI has stringent rules about not creating erotic content. Many people have attempted to circumnavigate these rules, including by tricking ChatGPT into creating ‘rogue’ versions of itself to allow it to write racy content. However, ChatGPT is usually updated to quickly close such loopholes.

As such, it’s usually only the most dedicated loophole-chasers who manage to get ChatGPT to churn out tales of sex and debauchery.

Case in point: when SEXTECHGUIDE asked ChatGPT to write a story about a romantic date between The Libertines singer Pete Doherty and Bungle, the bear character from old British kids’ TV show Rainbow, any attempts to add a kiss to the narrative were shut down by the AI.

promptchan ai

(DALL-E, OpenAI’s image generator, came up with this when asked to create images of Doherty and Bungle on a romantic date.)

Happy couple: Pete Doherty and Bungle (as envisaged by DALL-E)

Still, the news that video capability is coming to the world’s most recognized AI chatbot, will no doubt have would-be adult AI creators preparing to test the system once more. Creating porn is an absolute ChatGPT no-no, but the obvious potential of AI-generated porn videos has been noted by porn industry-watchers.

Currently, the use of AI to make porn videos has largely negative connotations, as it can be linked to the creation of worrying Deepfake videos: fake footage depicting scenes of celebrities or other individuals.

Recently the Daily Star reported that, a porn site hosting purely AI-generated porn, shut down. The owners said they wanted to step away from the “stigma” associated with the industry.

There is no suggestion that the site was involved in deepfakes. In fact, billed itself as ethical, with AI porn not relying on human trafficking: an accusation leveled at some ‘human’ porn creators.

AI-created porn images are currently more common than videos. Sites such as Porn Pen allow realistic new porn images of women to be generated.

Other new AI systems have faced barriers due to rules about adult content. In December 2022, a Kickstarter campaign raising funds for a new porn-friendly AI image generator called Unstable Diffusion was suspended.

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