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6 best AI erotica story generators for co-creating your fantasies

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Have you ever been reading an erotic novel and immediately thought, “I could do better”? Or been searching for a specific type of kink or sexy scenario only to be unable to find what you are looking for? Through the power of AI erotic story generators, you can now take control of your fantasies and easily create the stories that you have been craving.

From NSFW image and video generators to sexting chatbots, AI has entered the sextech industry in full force, providing a space for highly personalized exploration of kinks, fantasies, and pleasure with the use of apps, robots, and VR porn by users – creating a space to explore and take control of your fantasies.

It cannot be denied that erotica has slowly become popular, from the creation of audio erotica apps like Quinn and Dipsea and their range of stories and popular voice actors (Quinn gained notoriety for having actor Jesse Williams from Greys Anatomy for its first Quinn original story.) There is also the rise of erotic books being bought, with eBay Australia reporting a surge in sales by 174% of the genre.

Although there aren’t many studies on why erotica has become popular, it cannot be denied that there are many benefits for readers, including a way to safely explore kinks and fantasies, helping readers become sexually confident, and even brain stimulation and stress reduction. So, if there are so many benefits to enjoying erotica, how can AI help us take this to the next level?

In this article, we are exploring some of the best AI erotica story platforms worth checking out. They’re not in any particular order, though our favorite is listed first, as you’d expect.

This AI-generated website showcases a vibrant and visually captivating design that utilizes a rich and diverse color palette. The colorful background perfectly complements the eye-catching text, resulting in an engaging user experience. can write about anything, and it means everything! With various memberships, generators, and tools, you can create the perfect AI erotic stories just for you at the click of a button. Simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the erotica option to be taken straight to the erotica page.

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Using the AI models, you can create your own AI erotic stories, either using pre-made prompts and stories or ‘remixing’ them to fit your needs. Or, for those of you with a specific fantasy in mind, build your own story using your prompts.

If you are looking for a chance to put yourself in the story, check out its Roleplay option; using its AI models, Dreampress allows you to create the perfect character and talk to them. Or look at its collaboration mode, where you and other writers can create your own stories together.

If you are stuck with where to start or just simply can’t think of a prompt, Dreampress also allows you to read others’ AI erotic stories for free after they have been written and even watch them be created live. This allows you to immerse yourself in a hot and steamy piece of fiction without having to do any of the heavy lifting yourself.


  • Free
  • $14.39 per month
Free 8 tokens per day
Edit & share stories with others & receive feedback
Creative chatbot roleplay option
Only available on web browser
May contain grammatical errors
Limited number of stories on free plan

Bloom Stories

Have you ever read or listened to an erotic story and wanted to interact with the characters? German-based audio-erotica app Bloom has allowed you to do so. In its most recent update, it has created an AI-powered roleplaying chatbot that puts you at the heart of your favorite stories.

A screen shot of the AI-driven erotic stories website.

To access it, you just need to download the app (available for both Apple and Android phones) and create a profile. You can select your favorite story from its selection and start listening, or use the Bloom chat option to create your scenarios.

With Bloom Chat, no matter your gender or sexuality, you can use the AI chatbot to tell the characters what you are in the mood for and watch your fantasies come to life as you interact with them. It’s worth pointing out, however, that the Chat function isn’t yet available on the mobile apps, only via the website.

What makes this truly innovative is that Bloom chat allows you to do so with both messages and voice notes, allowing you to get into a flirty, sexting conversation with the character of your fantasies.


  • $7.99 a month
  • $59.88 per year
Apple & Android versions
Message & voice notes
Inclusive of all genders & sexualities
Scenarios created only on existing stories & characters
Chat conversations only, no story option
Chat mode not yet on mobile apps (only via the website)


Meet Pirr, the first app-based NSFW AI story generator, available on Google Play and the App Store. As audio erotica apps become prevalent, it wasn’t going to be long before AI-driven erotic story apps became a reality. Using sophisticated AI models in different languages, Pirr allows you to use prompts to design your perfect erotic story. The app lets you control your fantasies and connect with like-minded people.

Pir is an AI-powered platform that unleashes your erotic fantasies.

Female-founded and focused on celebrating female pleasure, the Swedish app allows you to take the lead in your pleasure. Either by creating your prompts or using pre-made prompts, and for the voyeurs, you can sneak a peek at what others are enjoying.

Pirr is fascinating because as the AI model grows and new user prompts are implemented daily, the possible stories created are endless. This means you can continue to explore new fantasies and kinks while returning to your favorite stories repeatedly.

Cost: Free

Available on Apple & Android
Supports multiple languages
Straightforward and easy to use
Lax content regulations
May contain grammatical errors
Cannot fully capture human emotion


A screen shot of a TV screen showing the settings for a TV.

AiDungeon is a text-based AI fantasy simulation that allows you to use prompts to create your own stories. Simply log on to the website or app, create your character, and decide what your character says and does, and the AI will respond as other characters or world events for you to respond to. Allowing you to create a unique, world-building fantasy experience where you are the main character and director in charge.

Although usually seen as an SFW story generator, it does offer the chance to create NSFW AI erotic stories, although it can take a moment to work out how to access this option.

Once you have started a game, you need to enter the settings and manually turn off the safety mode. Unlike many other AI erotic story generators, it offers three levels of safety mode: full safety (where you can only play SFW), medium (which means you can create moderately AI erotic stories but can’t create full sex scenes), and completely off (which allows you to create a fantasy story as NSFW as you would like). Simply choose your mood and get playing.

For those feeling less creative or still getting used to AI text-based generators, you can also check out what others are creating and find a story that fits your mood. AiDungeon has a helpful search bar that allows you to search for pre-made stories by typing NSFW.


  • $9.99 for 480 monthly credits + standard memory;
  • $14.99 for 760 monthly tokens + 2x memory space
  • $29.99 a month for 1650 monthly credits + 4x memory space
Fun & creative world-building features
Multiple genres
Allows you to create characters
Allows you to save stories for later
No straightforward NSFW mode
Comparatively expensive
May repeat itself or offer nonsensical responses

A screen shot of a website with the words "start your adventure" prominently displayed.

With a tagline like “A place to let your imagination run wild,” you know you are in for a fun time with and its unique features. Ensure you are on the AI erotica part of the website and start creating stories using its AI generator. Once you enter the site, head to the new story section and choose the erotica option to start (it also offers Game of Thrones, Romance, and Sci-Fi options).

MyTales seeks to offer its users full creative power with you either starting the story yourself or, if you are stuck on where to start, allowing you to decide what happens next after it has written the first few paragraphs. Users can also create content straight from blogs, newsletters, and social media posts.

To help you fully immerse yourself in the new story, it also offers AI-generated images of the scenes to enhance the experience and get the creative juices flowing.

Unlike many other AI erotica generators that only offer the chance to create short stories, MyTales has also expanded its AI models to allow you to create poems and narratives to practice writing in various styles, including narratives, novels, and poems. This is a great website to use if you want more writing experience.


  • Free for 5 stories
  • $9.99 for100 stories
  • $19.99 for 300 stories
Multiple styles are available
Image generator embedded
Straightforward & easy to use
Webpage crashed easily in our testing
Doesn’t fully capture human emotion


Let's start writing an AI-powered WordPress theme.

If you are a writer seeking artificial help creating short stories, prose, and novels, then you may have already heard of the AI story generator Novelai. No matter if you use the free version or pay for a monthly subscription [how much], Novelai allows you to use premade prompts and AI models to help you gain experience and confidence in writing a range of genres, providing AI-powered features to help you with your creativity and help you start or advance your writing career.

Although it wasn’t created solely for NSFW stories, you can create them without having to change the settings of the search for any secret features. Simply start a story, create an adult-themed title, and use a hot and steamy starting prompt to help the AI algorithm understand what you are looking to create. Then, fill out the necessary boxes, choose your writing style, and off you go.

Once you have the story, you can manually change the text if you feel it is too restrictive or preparative and click send so that the AI generator keeps updating the story with the new changes.

For extra help with your fantasy, you can use its image generator to bring to life your favorite scenes or characters.

$10 for 3072 memory tokens
$15 for 6144 memory tokens
$25 a month for 10,000 memory tokens
Offers a variety of content, tone, and style
Refines stories as it goes along
Straightforward and easy to use
Compatible image generator
Limited emotional range
Cannot fully capture human emotion

What’s our favorite from this list?

The standout favorite is Dreampress. Its range of features allows you to create, collaborate, and even watch stories be created in real time. It allows you to explore your fantasies and open yourself up to the opportunity to discover new ones. Its smart AI models are also fantastic for aspiring writers, whether you’re erotically focused or not, and the roleplay option can help you get creative when writing conversations. Adding all this together, it’s not hard to see why it’s one of the best AI erotica generators available today.

With many of these AI erotic story generators offering sophisticated AI models that allow you to take control of the narrative, develop your creativity, and immerse yourself in the story, it opens the discussion on what comes next for AI within the realm of sextech.

What’s next for AI erotic story generators?

Although AI is still finding its feet within the world of sextech, many tend to focus on the potential problems that AI can bring, from the ramifications of privacy with deepfakes to mental health issues and dependence, and we’ve already seen people heartbroken over erotic chatbots being shut down.

While the studies on the impact of AI and personified sex is still largely theoretical and lacking, the use of AI within sextech is evidently here to stay and will only continue to grow.

Maybe in the future, we will see the future of erotic audiobooks created fully from personalized prompts, allowing people to control not only the story itself but also the voices of those serenading them.

Or perhaps, through AI NSFW image creators, we will see a combined opportunity not just to create our own AI erotic stories but to create hyper-realistic images and videos so we can star in them as well. The AI erotic world is truly our oyster.

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