‘Making love to chatbots’: AI set for center stage at Love & Sex With Robots 2023

Upcoming event offering love and sex with robots in October 2023.

AI chatbots are set to be a large focus of the 2023 edition of the annual International Congress on Love & Sex With Robots conference, set to take place online on October 1-3.

The event brings together academics, writers, sex experts and people who just really really love sex robots, and this year is in its eighth incarnation. Following the recent rapid rise in the influence of chatbot technology, a number of talks at the conference will cover the issue.

Delphine DiTecco, a Law and Legal Studies PhD student at Carleton University, will host a talk looking at opportunities and biases of large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT, and how they relate to sex work. DiTecco studies the intersection of sex robots and sex work as part of her dissertation, and is part of a research team looking at sexual technologies.

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Clinical sexologist and counselor Dr Amy Marsh will host a talk titled ‘How to Make Love to a Chatbot’. The talk will be derived from Dr Marsh’s book How To Make Love To A Chatbot: The Thinking Human’s Guide to AI Erotic Roleplay, which came out in June. It is described as the first ‘bot-positive’ guide for having romantic and erotic fantasy companionship with AI chatbots.

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Other speakers set for the conference include Dr Jo Ann Oravec, who will give a talk called ‘You May Now Kiss the Robot: Emerging Civil Legalizations and Religious Endorsements of Human-Robot Marriage’. The talk will look at how humans marrying robots could affect societies with population issues such as gender imbalances.

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Sunday 01 October, 2023 – Tuesday 03 October, 2023
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SexTech & Sexual Wellness is all innovations, products, or services, that enhance sexuality is diverse, personal, and an important part involving biological, cultural, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of humanity. By focusing on sex-positive initiatives that are about health, relationships, education pleasure, and safety, the sextech industry has made positive movements and impact on an industry that is projected to be worth $37 billion.

Tickets to the online conference, which will take place on Zoom in collaboration with the Reimagine Sexual Technology Conference, cost from $75.47. 

The International Congress on Love & Sex With Robots was created by David Levy, author of the 2007 book Love and Sex With Robots.

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