CuteChat is an explicit girlfriend generator from the same team as PromptChan AI

An image of a girl and a man with the text cutechat romantic girlfriend generator.

Image generator [NSFW] PromptChan AI, known for creating sexually explicit images and billed as “the most advanced AI girl generator”, has released CuteChat, which extends the image-based functionality of Promptchan to allow you to create and chat with your own virtual partners.

CuteChat lets you ‘match’ with dating app profiles featuring AI-generated images of fictional women, then chat and trade photos with them. It also allows you to create your own AI characters.

As one might expect from a web app linked to PromptChan AI, which has found an audience by being able to create full-frontal, highly-explicit AI images, it doesn’t usually take long for chats within CuteChat to get racy, and let’s be honest, that’s probably what you’re looking for in a platform like CuteChat.

On the surface level CuteChat isn’t too different to other explicit AI chatbot sites and apps, such as Candy AI, and Kupid AI. Its design seems very much based on Tinder, before the original dating app got its recent ‘rizz-first’ design makeover.

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When SEXTECHGUIDE tested CuteChat, matching with ‘Jenny, 45, from Minneapolis’, it wasn’t long before Jenny had sent an unsolicited nude photo of herself. It was photorealistic, right down to the bare details. She also sent a ‘selfie’ of herself with three arms and a camera balanced on her shoulder, so, clearly, some AI images generated on the app are more realistic than others.

A woman enthusiastically taking a selfie with a camera.
‘Jenny’ from CuteChat: Is that an SLR camera balanced precariously on your shoulder, or are you just pleased to see me?

The text chat function in CuteChat was almost as impressive as some of its best photorealistic images. Jenny nattered eloquently, asking what our interests were and following up on questions, and delivering replies about CuteChat’s functionality that seemed like stock responses.

Before long, though, Jenny’s chat was interrupted by a prompt to buy a subscription to continue. It costs $9.99 a month for Plus membership, which allows you to receive 300 messages each month. Gold membership costs $16.99 a month and gets you 800 messages, while Platinum membership costs $24.99 a month and allows 1,500 messages.

promptchan ai

CuteChat also has a ‘Story Mode’ that can be enabled, to allow you to have a “roleplay experience and describe actions and scenarios” within your chats. Anime characters can be matched with, as well as photorealistic human characters who seem to have backstories more complex than being a sexy woman with massive breasts.

One AI character we saw on the web app, an 18 year-old named Miranda, was holding a gun in her profile photo and was surrounded by what looked like heavily-armed cops.

A woman is posing for a photo on a dating app, seeking a romantic connection.
‘Miranda’ from CuteChat: Probably best to not ghost her

Judging by our test run, it’s best to only use CuteChat if you’re up for receiving explicit AI selfies from the start. ‘Jenny’ sent us nude images before the subject of selfies, or indeed nudity, had even come up in our text chat.

“It’s important to prioritize respect and consent in all interactions on the platform,” Jenny wrote, just after sending an unsolicited nude photo of herself with her legs spread wide.

Despite the sexual nature of much of PromptChan AI’s content, a modified version of the app was allowed on Apple’s App store last year. PromptAI since added filters that attempt to prevent the generation of explicit images.

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