‘Like my bikini?’ Next wave of sexualized AI-generated influencers arrives

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A slew of highly-sexualized, fully AI-generated female influencers has appeared on social media since around spring 2023, garnering thousands of (mainly male) followers and raising questions about AI’s role in the future of the influencer industry.

AI and CGI-generated female social media influencers have been around for years, but they tended to be styled as cool and fashionable rather than scantily clad and sexualized, to better represent brands online. This new wave of almost exclusively large-breasted AI women seems to be targeting a rather different demographic.

One member of this new AI clan is Milla Sofia, who described herself as a “19 year-old virtual girl” from Helsinki on Twitter, where she has around 7,000 followers. Sofia posts photos of her perfectly-sculpted AI body, mainly in skimpy swimwear, garnering hundreds of comments from people, many of whom don’t appear to realize she’s a “virtual girl”. Sofia also has 28,000 followers on Instagram.

Milla copy
Virtual influencer Milla Sofia: No diamonds on this bikini, sadly

“How do you like my diamond decorated bikini?” Sofia asks in one post, along with a photo of her in said bikini, presumably with the diamonds being AI-generated too.

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Others from this new stable include Alexis Ivyedge, a “virtual model and influencer” with around 30,000 Twitter followers. Her images are even racier than Sofia’s, although Ivyedge seems to be more into retweeting other AI influencers than maintaining her own photo feed.

Another virtual influencer is Vicki Verano, who has almost 50,000 Twitter followers and posts videos that appear to be deepfakes with her ‘virtual’ face on a model’s body.

Despite having a lot of online engagement (mainly from men praising their AI asses), it isn’t immediately clear why many of these virtual influencers exist. They don’t appear to be hawking brands, although a line on Sofia’s website, where she states that she went to the “University of Life”, suggests that this may be the long-term plan.

promptchan ai
Alexis Ivyedge
Virtual influencer Alexis Ivyedge: Look into my… eyes

“I am currently considering which brand to become a fashion ambassador and virtual influencer,” Sofia’s creator wrote on her site (perhaps using an AI chatbot).

Some of these AI women do have straightforward income streams already. Natalia Novok, who has around 13,000 Twitter followers, has a Patreon offering perks such as topless photos for paid subscribers.

It isn’t immediately clear who is behind this new wave of sexualized AI influencers, although an organization called Rebel Runway Agency seems to have created at least some of them. It describes itself as “the world’s first virtual (AI) modeling agency” and states: “We believe in beauty founded on ethical disruption”.

SEXTECHGUIDE has attempted to contact Rebel Runway Agency, and other contacts listed around the AI models, and will update with any responses.

Vicki Verano, another virtual influencer. They should use AI to add a proper zip to her top, really

By posting AI photos of themselves in bikinis in exotic holiday locations, and sometimes (but not always) offering racier photos to subscribers, this new style of AI influencer seems to be straddling the line between fashion/lifestyle influencer culture and OnlyFans-style erotic content.

With AI versions of real life influencers already proving popular this year, it does seem that many people who want to interact with sexy female influencers aren’t particularly bothered if they are ‘real’ or not.

It remains to be seen if brands will come on board with Sofia and her near-naked AI friends, but judging by their engagement so far, it looks like a slice of the influencer niche is there for the taking.

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