Sex doll retailer Cloud Climax is now offering a “robot management system” for its Emma sex doll that brings more advanced interaction capabilities.

An annual subscription will set you back around $50 (£39.99), for which you can name your doll, pre-load questions and answers for Emma to respond to and input a short speech for the doll to relay at the push of a button. You can also load music to play through Emma, or input a loop for it to repeat.

While the voice management is cloud-based, the AI label it gets on its product description is a little far-fetched, and looks more like a sophisticated dictaphone feature to us. Elsewhere on the site, the company does claim that the system learns over time, and implies ‘Emma’ can respond without programmed responses.

For privacy purposes, the programmed audio system will require a doll’s unique ID number in order to be activated. This means your preferred settings will only work with your robot.

However for $50 dollars a year, if you want your sex doll to talk to you, this is a pretty affordable option.

Other features of the doll include Emma’s ability to move her head sideways, internal heating, and a raft of body sensors that activate moaning sounds when touched, the company says.

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