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MiKandi APK: App summary and download links

Mikandi App Download

MiKandi is an adult store that lets you download third-party apps from a wide-range of adult sources that the Google Play store would never allow. The company is based in Seattle, in the United States.

With an initial release in 2009, MiKandi considers itself to be not only the largest mobile porn app in the world but also one of the first, particularly for Android devices.

In order to install MiKandi on your device, you will need to enable the installation of third-party applications on your phone – we’ve got instructions on how to do that if you’re not sure. MiKandi has had hundreds of thousands of downloads as an application, surpassing 2 million downloads by the year 2012.

mikandi 150 40MiKandi APK: Features

MiKandi is a top porn app for Android phones and features an incredible number of apps within it. From wild and naughty RPG style adventure games to jump and run games and more, there are plenty of options for people looking to have a little bit of fun. In addition to these genres, there are virtual reality and 3D options for games as well. Many of the games are fun and creative, having fantastic animation.

MiKandi provides an easy application for navigation, allowing people to sort apps into categories, as well as giving the ability to look at featured applications that are listed.

The apps within the MiKandi app also have ratings, so you can see what other people think before making your selection. Another useful feature of the MiKandi application is the ability to filter your searches. You can choose to search for free apps, paid apps, the latest releases, and the highest rated applications. For added convenience, there is also a search box that allows people to search for applications by their name.

There are also a few applications that have sex tips and sex position advice, and plenty of apps that offer adult comics.

MiKandi has users purchase for the paid applications using MiKandi Gold, the services official currency. Purchasing MiKandi Gold is easy to do, you can access the payment portal from within the app – there are free apps to download as well though.

When people think of their favorite porn sites, the list can be pretty long. The MiKandi app store helps people get access to apps created by some of the top companies in the adult entertainment industry, as well as individuals. The apps that you find in the store are not apps that you will see in the Google Play Store or other stores that are native to the major cellular phone OS stores.

With nearly a decade under its belt, MiKandi has amassed over 10,000 pornographic apps, and millions of users. MiKandi’s spot on any Android porn app roundup list is well-deserved: not many adult porn application markets provide quality and user focus, so finding one like MiKandi is rare enough.

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