Realbotix, the offshoot of RealDoll that’s working on all things artificial intelligence and robotics, has taken the next step towards delivering a fully interactive non-human sexual companion, but it still doesn’t have a body.

The first product Realbotix developed was the RealDollX robotic heads, which are powered by the same AI now available in the freshly-reworked RealDollX AI Android app.

The general idea is that you create your own avatar (or, indeed, collection of avatars) and start having conversations with it. Over time, it should get to learn about you – and you about ‘her’.

“Millions of conversational branches give RealDollX access to a wide range of subjects, and the more you talk to her, the more she will learn and fall in love with you,” the company says.

And if you create more than one avatar, none of the conversational information or knowledge is shared between them, so you should end up with a different experience for each.

For just $30 per year, the RealDollX AI app is likely to be an appealing glimpse into the sort of conversations that are possible if you were to combine it with the RealDollX robotic head.

However, that’s not going to get you an X-rated experience. For that, you’ll also need the Private Room Expansion, which costs $20 per year.

“Get the 18+ Expansion for spicy conversations and additional actions with no restrictions,” the company states.

HarmonyX RealDoll Robotic Head

If you do decide to purchase a robotic head too, you’re able to sync your avatar’s personality with the head, and then take part in fully lip-synced conversations. Prices for the HarmonyX and SolanaX versions of the head start from $8,000.

Future upgrades also include the ability to interact in VR, though there’s no date stated for this yet.

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