6 OnlyFans alternatives vying to be the best platform for adult creators

Best OnlyFans Alternatives

Following OnlyFans’ decision to ban sexually explicit content from its site – then abruptly performing a reverse-ferret on the decision – rival sites have been scrambling to entice adult content creators who have lost trust in the pay-for-content industry giant.

In August 2021 OnlyFans announced that it was banning sexually explicit content from the site, blaming tough rules from “banking partners“. Days later, following a huge online backlash including much criticism from sex workers, OnlyFans suspended the ban.

The situation eroded many sex workers’ trust in the site, which was built on the success of creators selling access to explicit images of themselves on it. With many looking for alternative outlets for their content despite the ban being scrapped, a slew of smaller, often purely adult-focused creator platforms have made pitches to the sex worker community.

Most of them have the word ‘fan’ in their name in some form, which can make things a little confusing ,but they all provide good options for adult content creators.

However, for performers, models and creators that hit it big in fan-sponsored arenas, there’s no limit to how much money can be made from private content and related revenue streams.

Best OnlyFans Alternatives for Adult Creators


Following the OnlyFans debacle, a spokesperson for iFans said: “In response to recent upheavals in the content creation and influencer industry, content platform iFans reaffirmed its commitment and support for all creators with its creator-first revenue model. Creators, including adult entertainment talent, can continue to rely on iFans for their income, thanks to their generous revenue-sharing framework.”

Likened to Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook combined, iFans allows creators to share premium and exclusive content, message fans, and stream themselves live on the platform (though if you want to focus on becoming a cam performer we have a separate guide for that). On the basis of its features, iFans could be considered a decent alternative to OnlyFans. It is a bit weird that the name alludes to Apple products, which historically disallow adult content.

How much you make on iFans depends (like most of these sites) purely on how many members sign up to your account and pay your monthly subscription, suggesting you could start making more than $1,000 a week. Creators can additionally receive tips ranging from $5-$500 from fans at any time. 


FanCentro is another creator site clearly with eyes on those migrating from OnlyFans, and it did so with a direct pitch to creators after the OnlyFans ban announcement and reversal.

In September 2021, Fan Centro released a statement mentioning the financial issues OnlyFans cited in its original ban announcement. The company then had a dig at the site for seemingly being prepared to throw sex workers under the digital bus.

“We know that credit cards are tough to deal with, and that age verification is expensive and time-consuming. But we also say that if you’re going to be a true success — not just financially, but ethically — you remember where you came from, and to whom you owe your success,” the company said.

Special deals and support for creators migrating their content to FanCentro from OnlyFans are offered, “so you won’t lose a single fan”. Models migrating across can receive 100 percent payouts for your first month on the site, and 80 percent following that period. 

Key features include one-on-one chats between fans and creators, a private media feed, exclusive content, live streams, and the ability to boost both your followers and subscribers with 24-hour Stories.

Not only that, but FanCentro goes that extra mile by offering Success Coaches and free education at Centro University for creators who would like to ‘learn and earn’ with assistance on achieving your goals. 


Other rival sites that underlined their porn-friendly stances as they bid to garner creators includes JustForFans, an adult content blogging and marketplace platform run predominantly by and for industry members. It too left no doubt as to the platform’s intentions towards adult content.

“We are a porn site. That will never change and we have no interest in ‘mainstreaming’.”

The company added that the site was “well-poised to make sure adult creators are not abandoned”.

JustForFans functions like a mix between ManyVids and Tumblr, though its main appeal to viewers comes from purchasing monthly subscriptions to adult models’ feeds, in order to get access to their photos and video content. As a company, it prides itself on being the number one in anti-piracy, and it’s “no strict kink ban” which allows most fetishes, except hypnosis porn. 

General creators who choose this site will receive 80 percent payouts, while “exclusives” can get up to 85 percent, with a special badge and exposure on exclusive searches. Additional features include a performer dashboard which offers a business directory for connecting with fellow adult industry members, as well as a scheduled post tab, thorough stats on subscriptions, and geo-blocking options.


LoyalFans, another site that functions similarly to OnlyFans, tweeted that it “will not exploit sex workers and then change our terms of service when sex work is no longer ‘convenient’…”

LoyalFans celebrates its loyal-minded values, saying it does not take the ‘corporate path’ in regard to its business. This is expressed through its values of support, engagement, innovation, care, and inclusivity, shared by its team of owners and investors, it says.

LoyalFans is designed to allow for seamless interaction between creators and fans via one-on-one messaging, real-time streams, phone calls, and comments. 

It is 100 percent free to set up a personal paid fansite, and creators can keep 80 percent in payouts, while also benefiting from 5 percent referral commissions if you send other models to the site.


The recently-launched Blisss, described as something between OnlyFans and social media, offers ‘total freedom’ for adult performers. Before it’s release, it invited adult content creators to help tweak its function, and continues to offer ongoing decisional power over the development of the platform, such as “fair representation of all creators” and live streaming alerts on major cam networks.

Though creators on FanClub subscriptions will only earn 60 percent of the gross subscriptions revenue (with Blisss taking 40% cut of fees for premium videos), you can receive up to 80 percent of revenue on all non-video paid content, including tips, paid messages, message initiation, and locked posts. 

Akin to Twitter’s Tip Jar or a Venmo donation, Blisss allows users to give one-off monetary gifts via its tip button feature. Not only that, but you can monetize your relationship with other creators via free and paid sponsorships too.


NSFW.app powered by the blockchain-based PornRocket is a decentralized blockchain technical platform that provides institutional safeguards such as copyright guarantee for creators and data safety for users. It would help tackle creator’s content being stolen, cloned and resold, the company says.

Its goal is to disrupt and revolutionize the marketing and consumption of adult content, with no fees for creators, making it “free to post, free to share!” There’s also unlimited uncensored content, meaning you can get paid as much as you want with no limitations.

With more sex-positive fan sites launching than ever, the OnlyFans reversal has shown that the adult content creators fuelling the industry may have more power than they ever suspected.

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