Raspberry Dream Land will be an ‘uncensored’ XR social space for adult entertainment

Raspberry Dream Land

Cybersex startup and research team Raspberry Dream Labs has announced it will launch an extended reality (XR) entertainment platform called Raspberry Dream Land in 2021.

Combining virtual, mixed and augmented reality aspects, Raspberry Dream Land is described as an “alternative metaverse” – an XR social event platform that will host “progressive and uncensored” arts and entertainment content for “radical self-expression, social interactions and meaningful connections”.

The latest project from the Labs team follows on from two major ventures looking at the intersection of technology and intimacy, the Unsensored Series and Sensory Seduction study.

The startup announced the launch of the new platform on Discord on December 1. In a post, founder Angelina Aleksandrovich said: “We are soon to be launching Raspberry Dream Land – a social WebXR event platform for progressive and uncensored arts and entertainment. This metaverse is a safe space for radical self-expression, social interactions and meaningful connections. Open to creative artistic expressions of all kinds, Raspberry Dream Land celebrates progressive arts, entertainment and sexuality.” 

Last week the brand also announced its transition from a collective to a startup, as the team begins to develop its first software product.

Earlier this year, Raspberry Dream Labs made its first steps into social virtual reality on the AltspaceVR platform, during the first VR Burning Man festival. The team produced a ‘sex-positive camp’ featuring a line-up of more than 150 creatives from around the world. However, Aleksandrovich claims that the collective “experienced suppression” from the platform due to the “sexually suggestive narrative” of the content. 

“We have sought innovative solutions to challenge the global sex and body censorship, [to] allow organizations like ours and independent content creators to express themselves freely in the open, safe and welcoming virtual metaverse,” she adds.

According to AltSpaceVR’s community guidelines, there’s no wiggle room on adult content.

“Mature content of any kind must be flagged as mature and must be set to private. No mature content may be publicly accessible. No exceptions,” it says.

Another of Raspberry Dream Lab’s sextech projects from this year, looking at “how multi-sensory technologies are re-defining and revolutionizing sexual experiences”, is the Unsensored Series, a program of talks, workshops and parties looking at improving sexual wellbeing through tech.  

Launched in 2019, Sensory Seduction is an ongoing artistic research and development project from the startup, exploring multi-sensory sexual arousal and how it can be shared between multiple individuals in extended reality. 

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