PornRocket wants to be a crypto-based rival to OnlyFans

PornRocket wants to be a crypto based rival to OnlyFans

A new cryptocurrency-based porn sharing app has reached its concept and testing phase, touting a service on which porn creators will be able to sell adult content without paying extra fees.

PornRocket will have features similar to existing porn apps and sites such as Pornhub, plus digital content-selling site OnlyFans. Sales of adult content access and porn NFTs on the app will be made with the service’s native cryptocurrency, $PORNROCKET. The app’s full rollout is expected before the end of 2021.

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The launch comes after credit card company Mastercard announced rules for adult content sites using its services, which compel banks dealing with porn sites to toughen verification processes for performer consent. Mastercard and Visa recently banned customers from using their services on Pornhub, following accusations about Mindgeek’s market-leading porn site hosting illegal content.

As it’s built around secure blockchain technology, PornRocket will be able to offer copyright protection for adult content creators, among other benefits, a company spokesperson claimed.

“Given the sensitive nature of the adult industry, PornRocket proposes a unique hybrid model: a decentralized blockchain technical solution combined with institutional safeguards that guarantee copyrights for creators, data safety for users and compliance with regulatory requirements.”

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They added: “In line with disruptive innovation in sectors such as retail banking, film streaming and the hospitality sector, our goal is to revolutionize the way that adult content is marketed and consumed by leveraging on an innovative blockchain solution.”

PornRocket has recruited a slew of female adult performers with large social media followings to have their content appear on the platform, and drum up early investment in its cryptocurrency. Nicole Aniston, Abella Danger and Violet Myers are among those set to appear on PornRocket.

$PORNROCKET is one of a slew of adult-themed cryptocurrencies to join the crypto market in recent months. Adult NFT platform CumRocket promises a similar porn platform for adult content creators to PornRocket, and uses its own cryptocurrency: $Cummies. Cum Inu, yet another bodily-fluid themed cryptocurrency, also recently launched.

With new cryptocurrencies flooding the digital investment market, taking a punt on them can be a precarious business. Early signs from PornRocket are that its own crytocurrency may be overwhelmingly used for payments within the PornRocket app, rather than externally.

For the launch, PornRocket announced that it is acquiring, a blockchain-related payment systems firm specializing in the adult industry.

“Leveraging on an innovative blockchain solution, we aim to abolish hefty fees currently charged by the oligopoly of institutional players (PornHub, OnlyFans), provide effective copyright protection for content creators, and address privacy concerns of users of and ensure global access of adult content,” the spokesman added.

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