Twitter’s Super Follows will have an OnlyFans integration in an ‘adult content’ section

It looks like Twitter's Super Follows section will allow adult content

Twitter is expected to allow adult content providers with large followings to earn money through the platform’s Super Follows function, according to a prominent app feature researcher.

In February the social media giant announced Super Follows: a Patreon-like function that will allow users to charge followers for access to additional content. The function is yet to launch, but information unearthed on June 6 by Jane Manchun Wong, a highly-respected tech researcher focusing on app functions, suggested that it may arrive soon.

Wong reported that Super Follows is set to have an ‘adult content’ category users can select, and that OnlyFans is listed in a ‘platforms’ section. According to her information, Super Follows users will need to be at least 18 years old.

Twitter Super Follows

Other requirements include having at least 10,000 followers, and for applicants to have tweeted at least 25 times in the past 30 days – presumably meaning in the 30 days prior to applying to use Super Follows.

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Twitter is yet to confirm details of any verification and moderation processes for Super Follows. It is unclear whether mainstream sites, such as Twitter, will fall under the remit of proposed US legislation that could soon make uploading porn legally complicated for both providers and hosting sites.

Super Follows, set to arrive after the recent launch of Twitter’s Tip Jar function, could provide a welcome new revenue stream for adult performers. Tech companies in the US are under increased pressure from politicians, the public and the media about hosting illegal adult content, leading to concerns that legitimate adult performers may find it tougher to earn money via some sites and apps.

While the likes of Instagram, YouTube and Facebook do not allow nudity on their platforms, Twitter is one of the most adult content-friendly of the social media sites — even Tumblr ‘officially’ blocked porn.

Last year reports about Instagram toughening rules about soliciting sex on the platform, and sexually suggestive emojis and language, led to protests from sex workers.

Wong’s research about Super Follows stirred debate about the plight of adult content providers using social media.

“It’s interesting how adult content creators are often blocked from using any of the mainstream payment platforms but big apps like Twitter can still profit off them. It’s good that Twitter is going to allow adult content creators to monetize, but the double standard is weird,” one commenter wrote.

“Giving them a platform will increase [the] amount of free porn. Which is already too high, in my opinion, since Twitter isn’t marked NSFW (yet),” another wrote.

Twitter hasn’t yet confirmed the adult-friendly section of Super Follows, but we’ll update here if it does.

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