Booky Call app sends booty call texts offering reading recommendations

Book Dating App

A new book recommendation app has launched, that resembles a dating app and sends booty call-type messages offering suggestions for reading material.

Booky Call launched in September 2021, and presents book suggestions in the form of ‘dating profiles’. Suggestions are based on algorithm processing of information about likes, dislikes and other preferences that you add to your profile in the app.

The makers said that functionality of the app was based on the same psychology that dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, Match, eHarmony and Grindr use. In true dating app style, you can swipe left or right on a book suggestion to ‘match’ with it or reject it.

After ‘matching’ with a book you’re encouraged to buy it in audiobook form through, buy a digital text version, or buy a physical copy through

Brant Menswar, CEO of Booky Call, says that “every reader looks for something different from their book selections, much like they would in a romantic partner.”

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BookyCall App

The app’s makers added that Booky Call was designed to offer book lovers reliable, relevant reading recommendations and help them avoid the fake or paid-for reviews and bot reviews seen on many book review and sales sites.

As part of a quirky booty call-like function, Booky Call sends users a “U up?” text message a few times a week. Rather than offering late-night sex acts, the messages highlight new book profiles for your consideration.

With the app promising a library of “over 1,000” books, the early user experience of Booky Call could be similar to using Tinder in an isolated village with a largely elderly population.

Still, with reliable book reviews increasingly difficult to find online, it has potential, and the opportunity for quirky literary functions is endless. How about one allowing you to receive a dick pic from Lady Chatterley’s Lover? No? OK then.

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