Canadian porn production company Brazzers [NSFW] has released an extremely NSFW porn studio simulation game, featuring members of its performer roster in animated form.

Brazzers The Game, developed by Just Nice Things, was released on the adult gaming platform Nukatu on April 22 and is free to play on computers and smartphones.

Porn performers Abella Danger, Gina Valentina and Carolina Sweets are the first three performers you’ll interact with as you take control of your new studio and hire performers. Characters can be ‘levelled up’ with the help of items such as virtual vibrators, accessed with virtual credits. The game is completely free to play, and you earn the various items required by playing the game, but as with freemium mobile games, there are also a range of ‘packs’ you can buy to take some shortcuts too.

Being largely aimed at a straight male audience, the game’s visual focus is on female characters, who can be undressed and dressed at will. However, male performers such as Keiran Lee and Ricky Johnson are also present, if only to provide male performers for the scenes.

The aesthetics resemble those of romance narrative games such as Love Sick: Interactive Stories, but with added hardcore porn. Challenges, like fast-tapping and selecting heart shapes as they fall on screen, add a competitive element while animated penetration shots play out in the background.

The aim of the game is to level up porn performer characters, studio facilities and status while unlocking more traditional, non-animated Brazzers porn videos [NSFW] as rewards.

No doubt developed for marketing rather than to rival The Sims for gameplay and customization, Brazzers The Game is well-crafted, with visuals up to the standards of many popular modern story games. Featuring plenty of animated porn scenes, it’s as likely to attract fans of hentai as it is fans of ‘real’ Brazzers videos.

The gameplay can get a bit fiddly, with multiple screen buttons for options, levels, characters and items contributing to the home screen feeling slightly too busy for comfort. Even after taking the game’s tutorial, it’s easy to find yourself confused about how to progress the game, with many tweakable options available at once. On a desktop, things are a bit more straightforward, but a tiny bit laggy in our testing.

Still, Brazzers The Game is far more impressive than most people would expect from a porn production company tie-in game, and doesn’t bludgeon you with too much brand promotion or in-game purchase prompts once you’re past the intro.

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