Hyperlocal dating app Wholesome brings tailored date ideas for Londoners

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On April 23, a new dating app aimed at Londoners launched in the capital. Wholesome, like other dating apps, is aiming to match London-based users and suggests personalized date ideas.

Unlike others, however, it’s hoping to use the local knowledge of its team to make it a less frustrating, and more fruitful, experience.

To specifically tailor your matches and dates, some of the “quick fire” questions include your lifestyle habits – and even more importantly your thoughts on Brexit. Essential questions when finding a match and choosing a date at the moment.

When matched, Wholesome offers a helping hand when it comes to suggesting somewhere you and your match will both enjoy, in a good location, and based upon the essential information gathered when setting up your account. The company says this “removes that awkward part where both people are Googling ‘London date ideas'”.

Wholesome Dating App tailored
There aren’t too many people using the app right now, but that might not be such a bad thing!

While Founder Gordon Mckee, a Londoner himself, created this hyperlocal app for Londoners he tells SEXTECHGUIDE that Wholesome will eventually expand to other cities. The local knowledge USP will be maintained by hiring local teams to operate in these locations.

“I would say this is different to the traditional method of other competing apps, which operate the same whether in New York or North Somerset.”

Gordon McKee, Founder, Wholesome.

For now, the app’s only available on iOS, but an Android version is in the works, we’re told.

The profile interface is very much like Hinge, in that your profile hosts three answers to icebreaker type questions, along with six photos. The more detailed your profile, the better suited the matches and the date suggestions.

Wholesome Dating app

The dates around London have been hand selected by the Wholesome team, and you can report any of your matches if they turn out to be inappropriate, or a catfish.

While many other dating apps offer in-app purchases to see who has matched with you first, or even boost your visibility, Wholesome claims to be totally free. However, future developments may incorporate sponsored date suggestions. “Think AdWords for date ideas,” a spokesperson told us. Would these sponsored locations be varied enough to support users’ interests as the service grows though?

Wholesome Dating app early adopter

As the Wholesome app has only recently launched, we couldn’t see anyone to match with in our early testing, but we’ll be checking out the customized date suggestions… just as soon as we have a match.

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