A new app named iPlaySafe, billed as the first in the UK market to allow members to share and receive their verified sexually transmitted infection (STI) status, is now available to download on iOS devices. Update, October 7 2021: The Android version is now available to download.

The UK app bills itself as a secure way to share your STI status with partners or potential partners. After downloading the app you can order a £99 STI home-testing kit, which includes tests for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

After taking the tests at home and sending a urine same and blood from finger prick sample to the company, results come back via the app between two and five working days later. You can then choose to share them with other people individually via the app.

iPlaySafe was started by health tech entrepreneur Bianca Dunne, who said that it was conceived as a way to help navigate potentially awkward conversations about sexual health with a partner.

Dunne bills the app as an “effortless way to verify safe play”.

The company says it uses secure encryption between your phone and data within the app, for security. The test result data is stored within Amazon Web Services, based in the EU. Test results are retained for two years from the date they first appear in the app.

iPlaySafe promotes itself as very much a sex-positive company, running blogs about period sex, sex toys, plus a guide to finding the G-spot on its site. Sex influencers such as Florence Bark and Reed Amber of ComeCurious have been signed up to promote it.

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