Literotica Android APK: Summary and download links

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With over 250,000 erotic stories in the Literotica library, you can take the entire website’s collection on the go with your mobile Android device. The site is organized into over 30 categories, and there are millions of tags that help finding exactly what you are looking for a lot easier.

The app itself is simple and small, meaning that even people who do not have a lot of space on their phone will likely have room to carry English language adult fiction with them. Literotica claims to be the number one English-language adult fiction app in the entire world – it’s likely the biggest, but it’s not a claim we’ve verified.

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Literotica has over 100 new erotic stories added every day, which means there are always new things to read and explore – though with over 250,000 sex stories already available, fear of running out shouldn’t really be a problem.

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The application has been downloaded over one million times. Getting the only official app provided by and verified by Literotica gets you some great stories and daily updates, but also provides some privacy controls that can be handy for adult applications.


Literotica APK: Features

A privacy lock code is available to keep people out of your adult content, and a discrete “L” icon makes it a lot more unlikely that anybody will click on the app, even if they do see it. The app also includes ‘clear history’ options so that you can eliminate the record of what you were looking at if needed.

As far as organization goes, Literotica allows you to favorite stories, which enables you to access these stories from both the website or the app. With so many things to read on the site, it’s a fantastic option to have and helps reduce search time.

Literotica also provides a good amount of social interaction that many other applications do not. You can follow your favorite authors, which allows you to see when they put out new stories or look through their catalog easily. You can even suggest story ideas to authors, make comments, vote on the stories that are already written, and connect with other users on the app.

The official Literotica application for Android is 100% free and extremely popular. The website has been around for over 15 years, having gathered a massive collection of erotic fiction and sex stories over the years. It prides itself on its active community of authors and readers, and given that it’s free, there’s really not a lot to lose in downloading it. 

Download Literotica APK

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