Planet Pron APK: Summary and download links

Planet Pron's Android app is a veritable repository of filth for your visual consumption.

If you are looking for some NSFW action on your android device, you should know that going to porn sites on your browser can be a hassle – and leave history. There are much better ways to stream or download, and Planet Pron is a good start.

It’s available only for Android devices, and one of the few that ranks highly. There are many poor-quality pornography apps for cell phones out there, but Planet Pron is not one of them.

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The company says there are more than 200,000 videos available, and users have the option to sign up and submit their own content too, if that’s your thing.

Planet Pron: Features

Some of the benefits of Planet Pron include an easy to navigate system where content be sorted into categories, lists, recent videos, and more. It is also easy to see and sort through the most recent additions.

It’s also more customizable than most, too – if there are categories you are not interested in, you can remove them. Groups ranging from hairy to gangbang, lesbian to straight, and more, leave plenty for everyone.

Another benefit of the app is that it does not require many permissions. Way too many apps these days seem to want to have permission for pretty much everything, even things that don’t look like they should be needed by the app itself. PlanetPron limits the number of permissions that it asks for.


A good porn website or application needs to have high quality content in order to keep people coming back as satisfied viewers. Planet Pron delivers with quality content even on a small screen.

There are a few features that not every pornography app has, including password protection and a stealth version with an icon that does not look or sound like a porn site or app. These things can be fantastic for privacy purposes, helping keep the people that you do not want looking at your porn collection unable to find or see it.

There’s also a handy option that allows you to mute the application while not muting other settings on the phone.

It also includes a browsing system, so that users can sort pictures or movies by their popularity, how new they are, or their rating.

Like many applications, there are different types of memberships, which are listed in the app in the settings section. Free is also available.

In a sea of Android apps that can’t really be readily trusted, Planet Pron is one that stands out.

Whether or not it’s worth that $5 is up to you though. What’s for sure is that it’s super-simple to use and has a whole lot of content even in the free version.

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