Planet Pron review: One of the easiest ways to get adult content on an Android device


    Part of the beauty of the openness of the Android ecosystem is that anyone can build apps for anything. That’s also part of the downside too, particularly when it comes to looking for porn.

    Fear not though, Planet Pron’s Android app is a veritable repository of filth for your visual consumption.

    To get started, you need to download the .APK from the link at the bottom of this page on your Android phone or tablet. You’ll need to enable installation of files from unknown sources in the security settings if you haven’t already.

    Planet Pron Free or Premium

    Name: Planet Pron

    Description: In a sea of virus-riddled apps, PlanetPron is a safe-haven, even if it can't quite beat bigger services like Pornhub. Whether or not you want to pay for the premium version is pretty debatable though.

    Operating System: Android

    Application Category: App

    • Design
    • Content Variety
    • User Experience
    • Extras


    PlanetPron is a safe-haven, even if it can’t quite beat bigger services like Pornhub. Whether or not you want to pay for the premium version is pretty debatable though.

    User Review
    2.5 (4 votes)


    • Simple design
    • Good variety of searchable categories
    • Large free catalogue of videos


    • Costs money to watch in HD

    Once installed, you don’t need to register to dive straight into the adult content.

    The company says there are more than 200,000 videos available, and users have the option to sign up and submit their own content too, if that’s your thing.

    You can lock the app with a PIN code or your fingerprint so only you can open it, and it doesn’t keep any viewing history.

    Watching videos and looking at images is free, though if you want to view them in HD or remove the ads in the app, it’ll cost you $5.


    Turning your handset from portrait to landscape will make videos full-screen, or images can be expanded in the top-right corner.

    You can filter content by a wide range of different tags, by content type, or just search for a keyword.

    In a sea of Android apps that can’t really be readily trusted, Planet Pron is one that stands out.

    Whether or not it’s worth that $5 is up to you though. What’s for sure is that it’s super-simple to use and has a whole lot of content.

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