Rosy Wellness is an app aimed at offering coaching for women whose sex drive has dwindled. It uses ‘evidence-based’ approaches (similar to those used in CBT) to help bring back that spark, whilst overcoming any psychosomatic or physical problems, reports Dallas Innovates.

Former OB-GYN (gynaecologist), Dr Lyndsey Harper, founder of the company explains:

“As an OB-GYN, we don’t even have the training to treat female sexual dysfunction, yet male sexual dysfunction research and treatment options have been on the market for decades. After I kept hitting a wall searching for available resources, I realized it was my responsibility to help not only my patients but women across the country.”

According to Harper, low libido affects around 30 million women in the US, but despite the growing number of options for erectile dysfunction for men, there was nothing out there for women.

On realizing this, Harper quit her practice and began working on an app to improve womens’ sexual function and self-esteem, whilst at a wider level looking holistically at health and strengthening relationships.

Rosy has just picked up $1 million in seed funding investment, after incubating through Dialexa, a VC tech firm owned by her husband, Scott Harper. New investors include fellow doctors, as well as tech firms and venture capitalists.

The service is already being used and recommended by 2,500 US healthcare providers, some of whom are even producing additional content to be included in updates.

With the current app ready to go, containing a mixture of short instructional videos, guided lessons, romance short stories and an anonymous forum, work has started on the next feature – Rosy Telecare, which links users up to medical and mental health professionals.

Rosy is available now for both iOS and Android, free of charge. It’s currently only in the US app stores, but may well expand at a later date.

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