Scruff GBTQ+ dating app now hosts live quiz shows with prizes up to $500


US-based dating app Scruff, has launched a new live quiz feature, called Hosting, to engage its 15+ million gay and bisexual men, and trans users. There is a cash prize of $500 at stake, and while you don’t compete directly against other users, the hope is that you’ll interact with them and potentially share the spoils.

It’s available on the Apple Store and Google Play and shows will be taking place at 9pm EST over the next week.

Hosting is being alternately presented by Pixie Aventura, a well-celebrated drag queen, and comedians Gabe Gonzalez and Zach Zimmerman. The aim of the game is to make it through the three rounds and answer all 10 questions correctly (you get 10 seconds to answer each). If multiple people make it to the final round, they then split the cash prize.

Questions cover LGBTQ trivia, ranging from pop culture, politics and queer history – a great potential topical ice-breaker, especially as during the quiz you can ‘swipe right’ to cruise people playing locally. ‘Woof’ at them if they catch your eye, or ‘favorite’ to check them out later.

“With Hosting, we are pushing the boundaries of what people think of and can expect from a gay app. Hosting provides entertainment while educating people about queer history, and lets people who are single, partnered, and everyone in-between to connect in a social, lighthearted way.”

Scruff CEO, Eric Silverberg

Silverberg co-launched Scruff with Johnny Skandros back in 2010. At nearly a decade old, predating Tinder, Silverberg acknowledges that the dating landscape is evolving to be more than the swipe and hookup culture.

They are platforms to create better connections, friendships, travel and safety of expression, particularly for the queer community. 2013 saw Scruff as the first dating app to include an option for transgender folk, leading others to follow suit (much) later on: Tinder in 2015 and Grindr not until 2017.

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Oli Lipski

Oli Lipski

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