SexLikeReal adds support for interactive VR scenes

sexlikereal interactive app

The veritable VR porn emporium SexLikeReal has launched a new VR porn app that adds support for teledildonic sex toys to scenes sold through its platform. For now though, that support is limited to the Fleshlight Launch, and it’s a bit of a hacky experience.

The SLR interactive app is currently available for Android devices (though there’s an iPhone version on the way too), but if you’re watching on a Cardboard/GearVR/phone-based headset (rather than a higher end one from Oculus or HTC), you’ll need two phones to sync interactive VR porn videos.

This limitation for smartphone-based viewers is the result of needing to log in to SLR on your VR headset, while simultaneously needing to log in to SLR Interactive on your phone and connect to your Fleshlight Launch via Bluetooth.

The company says this isn’t currently possible at the same, hence the second phone, but that Oculus, Vive, Index and other high-end headsets don’t suffer from this limitation.

Once you’ve got your devices connected, there’s still another step before actually enjoying any interactive scenes. The thing that makes a regular VR porn scene interactive is combining it with a customized funscript – basically, JSON encoded timed positions. In this case, it’s a Fleshlight-compatible script.

This means that to watch an interactive scene, you either need a locally downloaded video with a Fleshlight script saved in the same folder, or you can watch SLR app videos that support Fleshlight scripts. That second option will make things fully automatic, the only problem being that this feature isn’t available yet. Did we mention is was a bit hacky still?

How to set up SexLikeReal Interactive

  • To use SLR interactive you must use the same login credentials as the SLR app.
  • Once logged in on both sides (SLR app and SLR interactive) there will be a check mark on for ‘SLR Connection’ indicating that SLR app and SLR interactive are now connected and streaming can begin.
  • You can at any point log in or log out on any side and the app will continue to work.
  • Use the “Remember me” toggle for automatic login in the future.
Sex Like Real Interactive App

Device scanning:

  • To use your device (currently only the Fleshlight Launch is supported) you should first scan it so that it is registered.
  • Turn on your Fleshlight, with the blinking blue LED light on, and then press the ‘Scan new’ button in the SLR interactive app. This will open the ‘Scan device’ panel and start to search for nearby devices.
  • Once your device is found the button will appear and you should select it, marking it green.
  • Once you have selected all the devices that you want to add, press the ‘Add selected’ button. This completes the device registration. You can de-register if you want to in the future.
  • Once the device is registered it will show in the main ‘Device panel’ of the app


Once the device is connected and there is a connection between SLR app and SLR interactive you can start watching any videos support the Fleshlight. Either,

  • Local videos which have a Fleshlight script with the same name as video but with the .fleshlight extension (video and funscript must be in the same folder).
  • SLR app videos that have support for Fleshlight Launch (this is currently still in development for the SLR app)

Extra notes:

  • You must have Bluetooth and WiFi enabled on your Android device.
  • You must grant the application all the necessary permissions.
  • Bluetooth and permissions must be enabled prior to using SLR Interactive in order to work properly, otherwise you have to restart it. The same goes for disabling Bluetooth while in the app (a restart is required). The company says both these issues are being addressed in a future version.
  • If at any point you lose internet connection or disable WiFi you should also restart.


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